5 Tips to Buy the Right Earrings for Work

Silver Small Hoop Earrings

As a working woman, dressing well for work is important, not to look beautiful, but to look professional. Like clothes, earrings for work should also be chosen carefully. Your jewelery and accessories for work shouldn’t be too casual or flashy. You should also consider your office culture when choosing jewelery for work. Earrings make great pieces of jewelery that let you be a bit stylish while maintaining a decent and professional look.

However, not all earrings are meant to be worn for work, and choosing the work-appropriate ones may seem to be confusing. There are many things you should consider when picking them up for wearing at office. To help you, here are some great tips to buy earrings suitable for work:

1. Choose Earrings According to Your Face Shape

The first step to choose earrings suitable for you is to know your face shape, as face shape is important to consider for getting accessories meant for above the neckline. Earrings can accentuate the more attractive features of your face, and lower the emphasis on the problem areas. Here are some suggestions on earring type to choose according to face shape.


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  • Round:

Avoid long thin studs and shapes as they may emphasize the problem areas. Go for shapes with a slight drop and soft curves. Larger earrings may look suitable on round face shape.

  • Oval:

Oval is a versatile face shape, and women with oval face can go for any earrings.

  • Heart:

Round hoops give a rounder effect to heart shaped faces. This face shape is balanced by teardrop earrings.

  • Square:

Women with square face should avoid square earrings. They can go for short drop ones and small hoop ones.

  • Triangle:

Triangular face is emphasized by angular earrings. Round ones give a feminine and soft look to this face shape.

2. Avoid Long Earrings

Dangling, long earrings distract the wearer as well as the co-workers. Long earrings are very dangerous in certain professions, in which women deal with machinery or other things, which may snag the long earrings, and cause damage to the earlobe. Dangling pieces may also be noisy, creating jangling sounds whenever the woman wearing them moves. It’s often best to get shorter ones, although a bit of drop can be accepted.

3. Get Some Classic Earrings

Simple and classical jewelery is suitable for work as well as for special occasions. This makes classic jewelery a budget-friendly choice for ladies who prefer to wear versatile pieces. Silver or golden, small hoop earrings make classic pieces suitable to wear for work, as well as to team up with an outfit after work. A nice simple shape you can choose is teardrop earring that comes in the form of a stud as well as a short dangle.

Silver Small Hoop Earrings

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4. Add Color

Jewelery meant to be worn at work is mostly simple silver or gold accompanying a clear crystal like cubic zirconia or diamond. Earrings that are a bit colorful can add some variation to your wardrobe, without making you look flashy. Emerald-colored and light blue topaz earring pieces let you make a subtle style statement, while maintaining your professional appearance.

5. Wear Gold Earrings

The color of gold is suitable for various skin tones. It also gives a warm hue over pale complexion, which removes weary appearance. Gold earrings with a short drop make you look professional and warm. They can be plain or accompanied by a small stone like amethyst.

With these tips to buy earrings for work, get ready to look a bit trendy and cool at work, while maintaining a decent look. The right earrings would certainly enhance your professional attire, and make your outfit look complete.

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