Top 4 Tips To Buy Perfume!(For Ladies)

Smell is one instinct that you cannot ignore. You might choose not to be a crazy smell addict like me but smelling decent and nice to work or while traveling or on a romantic date is IMPORTANT!

As for people like me who can die and kill for a lovely fragrance, life revolves around those little bottles of magic.

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Time to smell – But choosing the right perfume for yourself can be tricky. Half of us are unaware of few basic ways how a perfume works and even if we gather enough knowledge we are not ready to devote enough time. So the next time you plan to visit the local fragrance store or the mall displaying all brands ranging from 5 dollars to 50, save a good chunk of time. Try not to judge a product by its packaging especially when it comes to perfumes. You need your nose to judge it and not your eyes for a change.

Good perfumes don’t always bruise your pockets– Fix up a budget first. We definitely do not want holes in our pockets and it is crappy when one says, great perfumes cost a fortune. They are expensive, yes but you can grab a good bottle and not die of shock, provided you have your budget fixed, your nose working fine and those ‘perfect selection’ antennas on.

You have to decide what purpose the perfume is about to serve. Is it for regular use or for specially reserved occasions and events? Also for which season it is? If it is summer, strong scents are impressive. Make your summers pleasant with strong scents like musk, spices, aqua and add a sparkle to the misty winters with wild berry and mild citrus fragrances.

Choose your concentration – let me get you familiar with the three basic types first. The amount of fragrance oils in the liquid decide the richness and expense of a particular bottle of scent. The maximum oil content in a scent bottle makes it a Parfum which is inevitably the best. Followed by Eau de Parfum, the second richest and well expensive one heavy with fragrance oil. Next is Eau de Toilette or Eau de Cologne. Evidently the cheapest one. While the first two is long lasting and changes over time and does not allow any stinking body odor to meddle for hours, the last one simple tantalizes your senses with a temporary waft and does not promise to save you for long.

Smell it and see – of course when it is all about smell you need your nose working at its best. I am sure you have seen those funny little cardboard strips they offer you in a store dabbed in perfume? Well they are called swatches and they give you a hang of the raw direct smell as and when it is packed. Very well but that’s not enough, you need to wait and see how it smells on your skin and follow the change in pattern of the smell because I can assure you, it changes with time.

Spray or pour a little on your wrist and allow the perfume to dry first. Only after a couple of minutes smell and enjoy the bliss! Best if you apply the perfume on your skin for some time and then leave it like that and forget. smell it again quite later to see the effect, if you think it is perfect, you’ve done your pick. For best results whiff coffee beans to keep the nasal passage clean and receptive for new fragrances.

It’s a matter of fine delicacy and any sort of hurry or indecision can spoil the sublimity. We don’t want you to go regretting your choice till the bottle ends. So take your time, keep your mind open and swim in the sea of fragrant bliss!

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