How to buy and use the best eye cream

How to buy and use the best eye cream

To keep your peepers fresh and youthful, eye cream play a very vital role. Apart from stress, late nights and hangovers, just everyday eye makeup applications and removal can leave the skin around your eyes delicate and sensitive. The best eye cream helps revitalize your skin by providing the much needed nourishment, making them appear brighter. This may in the early twenties, seem like an unnecessary addition to your beauty essentials, but it will save a lot in the later times. The under eye skin has lesser sebaceous glands and is thinner than rest of your face. So, they age faster too. This little extra care will prevent puffiness and under eye bags, regulating a healthy flow of blood and also, taking care of your vision.


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According to skin experts, an early beginning to a proper skin care routine can spare those fine lines and crow-feet to a great extent. Under eye care is a healthy habit that you are sure to pat your back for, when your skin starts aging. There are a number of eye care products available in the market to choose from. But, the trick is mostly in its application.

So how do you apply eye cream?


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  • Dot gently a drop of the cream under your eyes using your ring finger.
  • Secure the grip of your index fingers on either side of your temple. Gently tap the cream from the outer cheekbone area to the inner corners of your nose. Gradually, rise higher with the same process, until you reach the inner corner of your eyes. This ensures a smooth and even application while, relaxing the skin by easing out lymphatic movements. You’ll instantly feel calm and fresh.

  • Once you are done with your lower eye region, go up your brow bones with a little pressure. Gently press the skin on the brow bone region and lift the tired muscles, drawing your fingers outwards in a semicircular movement. Keep the pressure constant till you are at the temple. This will also revive the flexibility of your brow skin that get pulled and tugged, due to regular plucking and waxing.

Cheat sheet for the late nights

The eye cream application technique mentioned earlier, alone works wonderfully to make your eyes sparkling. But however, if you are guilty of late nights and crave for a quick fix to your bloated and saggy under eye skin, this easy tip is a handy option for you.

Soak a couple of cotton pads in water and put them into your freezer. While the cotton pads are chilled, use the same message procedure to apply an even layer of under eye cream. Then, place the iced pads on each of your eyes, carefully covering the puffy areas. This will speed up the repair mechanisms of the cream formula and so ward off the puffiness. A few minutes of rest and your eyes are white and awake once again.

You could even place a clean metal spoon in the refrigerator to let it cool and massage your under eyes gently by using it. This will make the cream sink into your skin better.

P.S. the results are just fabulous and addictively soothing to your stressed eye tissue.

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