What Can You Buy at the Whizley Black Friday Sale?

Whizley Black Friday Deals

With Christmas around the corner. Here are some PPE essentials from Whizley that will keep your friends and family safe during the coming winter season and against COVID-19.

3-Ply Disposable Face Masks:

A 50-set bulk supply of 3-ply facemasks is something that will help COVID-19 transmission in the winter. The 3 ply covering effectively protects us against dust, air pollution, and water droplets.

Hand Sanitizers:

An important PPE essential that has been quite in demand since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Buying sanitizers in bulk will stop you from going outside in the cold weather.  

Contactless Thermometers:

Infrared, wireless thermometers prevents increasing the number of common touchpoints. Moreover, these automatic contactless thermometers require less manpower to operate. It can be fixed on a stand or on the wall for checking the temperature.

The Whizley Black Friday sale ends 30th November, 2020. 

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Whizley Black Friday Sale

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