Trend Traction: Five Trendy Fashion Styles

Each new season, there are several different fashion styles that emerge on the runway for trendy looks that are bold and innovative. They always seem to quickly catch on as many people enjoy adding new styles into their wardrobe and can enjoy adding playful new accessories to match. Here are five of the fashion styles that are currently trending.

1. Turtleneck Sweaters

Once a staple in the ’80s, turtleneck sweaters have reemerged in modern silhouettes for a comfortable top that can be paired with chunky accessories. For men, turtlenecks look bold when used under pea coats or with a fitted blazer. Women can wear the item alone for the focal point of an outfit with their hair in a classic topknot hairstyle.

2. Loafers

Sleek loafers with fun patterns that are bold are currently trending for both men and women as an item that is comfortable and will add a bit of detail to any bland look. Tasseled loafers are preferred for more formal attire, while studs or spikes can also be added.

Trend Traction, Five Trendy Fashion Styles

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3. Plaid Clothing

For men in particular, plaid clothing has made its comeback with the pattern that can be used for pants, coats, and even jerseys. It’s a trendy look for the colder season that can be paired with an oversized scarf and dark combat boots. Several different styles with plaid prints are available at

4. Varsity Jackets

Varsity jackets seem to come and go throughout the years, but are here to stay for the coming season as a playful clothing item that is both comfortable and cozy. They’re most seen with colorful and unique patterns that nod to the ’80s and includes a bold collar. Wear it with a pair of running shoes or boyfriend jeans for an outfit that looks current.

5. Leather Sleeves

Leather sleeves that are used on military-style jackets have increased in popularity for a combination of chic and grunge details. It’s a comfortable look that is modern and looks best with jean jackets or dark green hues. For women, leather sleeves have even been seen on blazers for a sharp style that works perfect with a pair of stilettos.

Between leopard print loafers to plaid prints, a number of fashion styles are currently trending for new looks and old styles that have been seen in past decades. They’re being used in creative and fun ways for both men and women for a great way to play dress up in the coming season.

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