Products That Make Managing Your Curly Locks Easy

Curly hair can be challenging to manage, but with the right products, you can improve your relationship with your hair. Keep your curls healthy and presentable with these five must-have products.

Sculpting Mousse

Sculpting mousse can be your hair’s best friend. This lightweight product tames even the most unruly curls all day long. Simply apply a quarter-sized amount to wet or dry hair, and style as normal. With a high-quality sculpting mousse, you can keep loose and tight curls in place, while managing flyaways.

Products That Make Managing Your Curly Locks Easy

Condition Regularly

Regular conditioning is vital for healthy hair. Deep conditioning products designed for curly hair, such as DevaCurl One Condition’s Curly Hair Conditioner, restore proper hydration levels to your hair, which in turns creates more manageable curls. Besides normal conditioning, you should use a deep conditioner at least once a week. Following this practice will ensure that your curls are healthy, shiny, and manageable.

Shine Spray

Curly hair tends to lack luster and tangle easily. Shine spray is an excellent solution for these common problems. This multipurpose product restores shine to dry curls and instantly softens hair, making it easier than ever before to comb and brush. Don’t go overboard though. Using too much shine spray can make your hair appear oily. Start by spritzing each side of your hair once, then come thoroughly. Apply more as needed.

Smoothing Cream

Smoothing creams typically have a medium-weight consistency, perfect for smoothing down overly voluminous strands and stubborn split ends. Don’t use too much smooth cream though, as it can weigh your hair down. Start by applying a dime sized amount to wet or dry hair, and comb it through evenly. You can apply more if needed.

Texturizing Spray

Texturizing spray is a great alternative to hairspray for people with tight and loose curls. It is lightweight and can hold your style in place all day long, like hairspray, but also adds definition. It is also resistant to humidity, which can be curl’s worst enemy. Ideal for layered haircuts, texturing spray clearly defines layers and creates an edgy finish. Mist it over dry hair and gently scrunch the ends for the best results. For added definition, scrunch your hair starting at the ends and work your way up to the roots.


Don’t let your curls get you down. With these five products, you can easily manage your curls and enjoy healthy looking and feeling hair all year round.

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