Coconut Coir Pad: What is it? What are the Benefits?

sleeping on coconut coir pad

Did you know that on average we spend 26 years sleeping? Surprisingly, individuals also spend time getting to sleep – 7 years to be specific. When you are spending so much time sleeping, you think you need a comfortable environment to make your sleep peaceful and valuable. Fortunately, the coconut coir pad is designed for comfort and physical wellbeing. It is created with natural coir fibres that are extracted from coconut husk. These coconut coir pads have many health benefits, we have discussed some of these benefits next. What is…

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5 Valid Reasons to Choose Latex Mattress Topper

latex mattress topper

Did you buy a new mattress? Or have you been using the current one for some time now? Whatever the reason is, purchasing a mattress topper is a great way to protect your mattress and extend its life. Like most, you love to sleep too, don’t you? And you understand the importance of getting a sound sleep after a hectic day, balancing work and home chaos. When you finally come to bed, your latex mattress topper or similar organic one would embrace you to a tight sleep, relieving all your aches and…

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Why Choose Organic and Natural Bedding?

organic bedding

Comfort comes first when selecting products, such as mattresses, comforters, futons, and pillows for the home. If you haven’t pondered over this, you must do it, starting now. Switching to natural and organic beddings means you are welcoming health and wellness in your family. You and your loved ones do not have to sleep or breathe any longer on harmful or toxic chemical products. Go for brands like Bio Sleep Concept, producing products that ensure longevity and comfort. Organic beddings have become increasingly popular in the past couple of years…

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Organic Mattress Certifications to Look Out for While Buying One

organic mattress certification

Concerned about what goes into the making of your mattress? Many organic mattress manufacturers insist that their products are safe and natural. While this may be true in some cases, how would you discern the truth? The market category of the organic mattress and bedding items is still niche and growing. However, the question remains as to how to determine whether the mattress you like is completely or partially chemical-free. For instance, let’s take the terminology “natural”. Without an industry label or standard to back the claims, it is just…

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Top 5 Futons for 2021


Equipped with great aesthetics, comfort, and features, futons are an absolute favorite of many for a reason. These comfortable mattresses can be placed on futon frames or be used as it is by merely putting on the floor. The primary USP of futon mattresses is their versatility. You can use it as a sofa or a regular mattress. While you can find a wide variety of futons in the market, you’ll mostly come across futons that are thinner than a regular mattress. Futons are known for offering impeccable back support,…

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