The Hot Espresso Coffee Brewing Machine Runs Without Electricity

Nothing rejuvenates you better in the morning like a steaming cup of espresso. It becomes a little difficult to get the same energizing cuppa when you are on a camping tour. With the Nomad Espresso machine, you do not need to bother about your fresh cup of frothing coffee even when you are away from home.

Once you get some hot water, making a full cup of espresso becomes just a matter of a few seconds. Be it at work or at the golf field, now you have access to steaming hot frothing coffee. All your task is to press out some fresh brew. You need to just load the machine with ground dark coffee and then press hot water through it. In fact, press is the word from where the word espresso has got rooted. So, your fine cup of coffee will be ready without using electricity. The coffee is as nicely churned as espresso brewed with hand.

You can carry this portable device to anywhere and make as much coffee as you want provided you have enough hot water. The machine makes freshly brewed frothing coffee without wasting any amount of electricity. That is the reason why this device is ideal for carrying to the camp tour, long car ride, office or train journey. You will get refreshing coffee on the go.

Nomad is inspired by the hand operated lever machines that offers you espresso coffee of the best quality. The heavy and large device has been simplified into a 1.1 kg machine, which is barely 15cm in size and can easily slip into the camping kit. Nine bars of pressure can be created with very little physical effort. The user has the liberty to control the temperature of water, flow rate pressure and volume of coffee.

What will make the product even more interesting to the coffee connoisseurs is the ‘ true crèma valve’, which assures you of a nice texture of coffee even if the grounded coffee is coarse. This tiny valve compensates well for not having expensive coffee grinding machine at your disposal.

The device offers you the finest cup of coffee with its real aroma of roasted coffee. The product does not require the use of much electricity other than the amount might be required for heating water. So, the machine is worth its price of $165 pledge. This Kickstarter product has already received 107,072 pledges, exceeding its $100,000 mark.

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