Rapid Rewind of Some Weird Fashion Trends

Every season witnesses new fashion trends. This constant pressure for newer versions of “whats in” and “whats out” has often driven us into some really weird fashion trends. These trends, though obsessing us initially, have got us trapped later into committing some serious fashion mistakes.

What’s a hot thing for now, is a faux passe for later times to come. The ones who set it are also the ones who trash it. Victimized for ages by this frequent changes in fashion and falling prey to these bizarre verdicts, now we deny to be dumb mannequins, and have put our judgements into action. It’s for us to decide what’s right, and wrong. We deny to take fashion all that seriously, any longer.

Below, are few of such weird fashion trends that got us hooked for years. Let’s see, if we still love them or hate them. As per bebeautiful.in

Weird Fashion #1 STILETTO NAILS

1Image Courtesy: 25.media.tumblr.com

OK now, who does these anymore? Ruling the 70s for its vampy edge, the pointy red nails are sure scary.  Wearing them around is risky too, and surely does hurt. So, if not for yourself, for humanity sake get a proper mani woman! While the jury’s still out on this one, we’ve already made up our minds. Stiletto nails might have been spotted on the red carpet and the international runways, but that’s probably where they should’ve ended. They’re hard (and scary) on the eyes and remind us a bit of Cruella de Vil. Judgement: Nay!

Weird Fashion #2 SINGLE EARRING

2Image Courtesy: d277vln4jzkhhg.cloudfront.net

Accepted that we do love the latest of the bold or even demurely sexy ear-cuffs, but, we don’t want to exaggerate that any further to find people inquiring about the other missing earring.

It started off with Angelina Jolie wearing one hell of an emerald at an award ceremony, two years ago and everyone has followed suit since. If worn right, a bejeweled single lobe will add just the right amount of chutzpah to your outfit. If not, get ready for well-wishers to be looking around for your other earring and some “Well…it’s…err…different!” comments. Judgement: Yay!

We’d wear it how: The statement ear-cuff is ideal to be worn on its own. Try it with a side pony or side swept hair to let it steal the show completely.

Weird Fashion #3 OMBRE HAIR

3Image Courtesy: fashiondivadesign.com

The wash of color through your super glossy manes gives off this uber cool look. We adore it totally!

We’ve been big fans of the ombre hair trend since we first laid our eyes on it, and clearly, we haven’t fallen out of love just yet. No matter what shade you’re playing with, there’s nothing unappealing about dip dyed hair. If you ask us, it’s quiet a natural makeover for your hair. It’s so much like a gradient of hues through your hair. The dark roots and fade-towards-the-tips style, tends to be the gradual transition of hair color anyway.
Judgement: Yay!
We’d wear it how: To keep it natural, we would pick tones in caramel, toffee, honey and chocolate browns.

Featured Image Courtesy: 0.tqn.com

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