Coconut Coir Pad: What is it? What are the Benefits?

sleeping on coconut coir pad

Did you know that on average we spend 26 years sleeping? Surprisingly, individuals also spend time getting to sleep – 7 years to be specific.

When you are spending so much time sleeping, you think you need a comfortable environment to make your sleep peaceful and valuable. Fortunately, the coconut coir pad is designed for comfort and physical wellbeing. It is created with natural coir fibres that are extracted from coconut husk. These coconut coir pads have many health benefits, we have discussed some of these benefits next.

What is a Coconut Coir Pad?

coconut coir pad

There’s no doubt in the fact that sleep is crucial for our psychological, emotional, and physical wellbeing. When you are not receiving a peaceful and sound deep sleep, you face health issues, such as fatigue, low-energy, and you are more irritable throughout the day. In fact, lack of sleep is also the reason why you may experience concentration issues and high blood pressure.

Coconut coir pads are manufactured from natural coir fibre or coconut husk. This is environment-friendly and beneficial to your health.

While it is believed that a coconut coir mattress is prepared using just the coconut husk, but that is not always the case. You may find padding that is stitched along with cotton fabric on other natural or polyurethane materials. Hence, you need to evaluate if the mattress pad is fully natural or not.

Benefits of Coconut Coir Pad

Coconut coir pads have a multitude of benefits, such as being temperature-friendly, sustainable, durable, and efficient. The pad ensures proper body support when you are sleeping which improves your sleep quality considerably.

Some benefits of coconut coir pads that you should consider:

1. Hygroscopic

When we are sleeping, our body precipitates and releases moisture. This slightly varies for every person, as you may precipitate too much or too less or moderately. Depending on this, moisture can hamper your sleep quality. You may start feeling restless in the middle of the night, which reduces sleep quality and increases irritation on the next day.

Coconut coir pads have high absorbency, which means these pads are hygroscopic. Due to this property, your mattress pad absorbs moisture in the night, keeping you fresh and healthy the next day.

2. Ventilating

The hot weather is especially painful for many reasons, you sweat too much and your body is not able to cool down for sleep. As a result, it is likely for many individuals to keep tossing and turning throughout the night in summers.

The Coconut coir pad allows maximum airflow in the pad, which keeps it cool throughout the night. Due to ventilation, the coir mattress pad is able to reduce the trapping of heat and moisture, which offers a calm and good night’s sleep.

3. Environment-friendly

Considering the current climatic condition and global warming, environment-friendly mattresses are necessary. Fortunately, the coconut coir mattress pad is prepared with natural coconut husk, which gives you a sustainable and 100% natural mattress pad.

However, to ensure that your coconut coir pad is actually free from chemicals, you need to check its organic certification.

4. Hypoallergenic

If you are allergic to dust, mites, and mould, then a coconut coir pad is created for you. When you are sleeping on a synthetic mattress, it traps bed bugs and mites, which may irritate your skin and nose, giving you a range of allergies. For example, people with asthma especially experience issues when they are near dust mites and other allergens.

Coconut coir pad is resistant to mites and moulds. It doesn’t accumulate dust and eliminates mites to a great extent. This helps people with allergic conditions to sleep peacefully and stay healthy.

5. Budget-Friendly

It is usually believed that to get a natural and comfortable mattress pad, you need to spend more money. However, in the case of coconut coir pad, you can purchase the pad at affordable pricing. This type of mattress pad is natural but less costly when compared to natural latex and foam pads. Further, you don’t even need to spend much time on maintenance and caring for these mattress pads, which also saves your efforts and money. 

6. Durable and Comfortable

Coconut coir pad is created using natural coir and sometimes, mixed with foam. This offers durability to your mattress pad, which makes it last longer.

However, coconut coir pad is sensitive to water exposure, so you must take care of the spills to avoid damage to your mattress pad.

Additionally, this mattress pad is firm and that helps you maintain your alignment when sleeping. Proper spine posture and alignment ensure fewer health glitches when sleeping, such as back pain.


If you consistently toss and turn on the bed or find it hard to sleep peacefully, your sleep quality is severely low. To avoid spending sleepless nights, change your bedding elements. A coconut coir pad can help you ensure comfortable sleep and well-being. Sleeping on this mattress pad doesn’t expose you to allergies like dust and dirt, and you won’t feel hot throughout the night.

Find the right coconut coir pad for your bed, ensure its certification, and make a purchase.

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