How to Stretch The Life of Your Expensive Shoes

After eyeing a pair for ages, when you finally bag that hot pair of shoes, it’s really hard to beat the temptation any longer. Most of us cannot resist prancing about in that new pretty pair and showing them around. At the very least, pulling the pair out of the box and clicking a few snaps, Insta-sharing or putting them on the social network to gather all the likes top our to-do list.


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Just like the way our heart melts at the sight of the shining pair of heels at the shop window, the very sight of the first scratch on the leather or a broken heel is heart breaking. More often than not, we are completely unaware of the ways we can take care of our shoes. Resulting, we need to hit the store more frequently for fresh pairs, doing away with our savings.

Moreover, the highs and lows of economy in the recent times have put us through some tough times. We have been looking around for sale boards and other tricks and techniques to make our expensive apparels last longer.

So, here I wish to share a few of my personal tips and tricks to make your pricey pairs of designer kicks last for ages.

#1. Don’t Throw Out The Boxes- I agree that’s the first thing you want to do but, the boxes are mostly the best containers that can retain the health of the shoes. It’s made out of all the right materials that suck in all the moisture and maintain the proper shape and fit. Designer shoes mostly come with great packaging that takes care of the shoes wonderfully. After every single use, clean the pair and put them back in the boxes just as the way they arrived from the shop in the very first place.

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#2. Check With a Local Cobbler- The designer and expensive shoes mostly have delicate soles and heels. These need extra protection else, they show signs of damage after the very first wear. Check with a local cobbler or the online shoe care websites to fit heel caps and fix an extra sheath of leather or rubber sole. Sometimes these experts can even suggest other clever tricks to extend the shoe life.

#3. Polish the Leather Often- The leather shoes require regular polishing to prevent them from cracking from regular wear and weather changes. Mostly, in extreme dry weathers the leather breaks from shrinking. The shoe polish acts a as moisturizer and softens them. There are also leather conditioners available in the market. These are a bit more pricey but last you a life time.

#4. Clean the Fabric or Suede Shoes- The fabric, suede or faux leather kicks too require the care. Dust off the suede and fabric shoes using a soft brush after every use. For the patent leather pairs, use a soft flannel-like cloth to keep them clean and shining.

#4. Never Heat Wet Shoes- On the rainy days avoid wearing leather shoes, as too much moisture can deteriorate the leather quality. Never ever, heat the wet shoes to dry them. This will bring an end to their fit and cause peeling and cracking too. Put the wet shoes in an airy and dry place allowing them to dry naturally.

#5. Change and Wear Different Pair for Regular Use- Constant use can affect the shoe shape and cause enough wear and tear. Let your day old pair rest, while you try on a different pair. This will allow the shoes to regain their fit and shape.

#6. Shelf Them Right- Store your shoes away from the sun light or heat. Preferably, put individual shoes out of the pair into separate cloth bags. These not only keep the shoes dust free but also prevent them from scratching against each other. Get a shoetree to store the best pairs.

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