Improve Your Home Decor – the Feng Shui Way

Feng shui is not at all about superstitions that many people think it to be. There is a methodical approach towards designing or remodelling your home to bring in all the positive vibes and energy together. Many consider it the reason for prosperity in life and we all know prosperity sums up all the good things that can happen to you in this life of yours. A lot of people seem to have embraced this concept because they feel that it works brilliantly for them since it did manage to bring in a lot of love, warmth and smiles in their homes. The concept of feng shui is easy to follow and that is probably one of the strongest reasons for it to have become so popular.

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Home Improvement through Feng Shui

Feng shui is a great way to improve your home décor because not only does it bring prosperity but it also manages to make your home look beautiful yet cozy with all the right things in the right places. So if you are planning for a home remodelling instead of getting the best interior designers to do that you could also opt for feng shui to give a new dimension to your home. Here are few quick tips that you can adapt in your own nest:

  • A fountain near the entrance of your home – Flowing water symbolizes flowing energy and cash. So this implies that the financial condition of the house will not just be stable but with time it shall be better than what it currently is. What more? A fountain of free flwoing water also pleases the eye of any guest entering your home. It comes across as a nice decorative piece to enhance the beauty of your home.
  • Keep the entrance of your home clean – You must take into account that the entrance of your home should not just stay clear but it should be free from all obstacles. The obstacles could be anything from your kid’s bicyle being parked to a nice plant kept on either sides or random newspapers lying around. All of this acts as big obstacles from the positive energy entering your home. So keep the doorway clean and as far as decorating your home is concerned you can do that in other places but spare the entrance.
  • Learning is the key to stay enriched – Your home should smell of books in almost every nook and corner. Your home must always encourage people to read so make sure you are able to stuff in a book or two in all the rooms of your home. Reading books spread warmth and a very positive vibe around your house and among your family members.
  • Fix objects that are broken – Broken objects staying in your home is a strict no-no. Broken or cracked objects reflect all the pent up frustrations that has still not been cured so it is best to either fix the broken pieces or get rid of them. Keeping them at your place just increases the frustration that gets stored in your home and all that is surely not a good vibe that you must have at your place.
  • Positioning your bed is important – The Commanding Position of your bedroom is the place to keep your bed. Thinking what a Commanding Position is? Well, it is that particular spot which is the farthest from the door but a tactful position because even if you are lying on your bed you can see who is approaching the doorway. Keeping your bed in that spot helps you to be stronger, keeps you calm and allows you to take charge of your home.
  • Block the drains of your home – Not many people give much attention to blocking the drains of their home. If you are also someone doing this then it is important that you block the drains of your home immediately to save the dollars from being drained out of your home. Keep the drains closed when not using them because it symbolizes that you are keeping your money well and preserving it.

Feng shui plays a very important role in giving your house a new identity and a fresh look that is full of positivity and warmth. Go the feng shui way to see some new changes in your home.

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