10 Items That Will Let You Step Out In Style This Fall!

Oversized Sweater

With the onset of fall, you ladies must be wondering about what to add to your wardrobes, so that you can be warm and comfortable, as well as look stylish in the season. Fall can offer you many opportunities to display your style sense. You can go for all hues ranging from the darker ones to the lighter ones, and experiment with different materials, like wool and leather. The clothing options for women during the season are simply infinite. However, preparing a list in advance always makes it easier to pick up the right stuff when you go for shopping. Your list should be based on 3 factors – warmth, comfort and looks.

Here are some fall fashion items you can consider putting into your list, which are a blend of all these 3 factors:

1. Speckled Pullover:

Nubby sweaters have always been our good friends for the cooler months. The speckled pullover is such a sweater, with a beautiful made-by-hand feel. If you are not that good at knitting, you can head to a high-street shop to get one. Many high-end designers also offer different types of such pullovers.

Speckled Pullover

Image Courtesy: www.zumiez.com

2. Fall Parka:

Fall parkas not only give you warmth, but also let you look stylish and trendy. Moreover, you can easily transform it into a winter parka by adding a lining in it. During the beginning of the cooler months, you can sport rolled up sleeves. As the temperature drops, team it up with knitted items and thick trousers.  Parkas also look great with stoles.

 Fall Parka

Image Courtesy: www.bighairloudmouth.com

3. Modern Boot:

An ankle boot has always been an integral part of your closet in fall. It’s time to go for a newer version of the boot now! Go for a Chelsea boot in black or other dark tones. To make a style statement, opt for the ones that have a unique look, such as boots in unusual shades, high shine or with a contrast panel.

Chelsea Boots

Image Courtesy: wheretoget.it

4. Oversized Sweater:

An oversized sweater has its own special appeal, and so, makes one of the most stylish fall fashion items. Ensure that the one you pick is oversized but fits you well through the shoulders. You can get such items in numerous designs, colors and sizes.

 Oversized Sweater

Image Courtesy: polished.tv

5. Leather Skirt:

Leather minis were quite popular in the ‘80s. Nowadays, leather skirts have stepped in, in the form of longer skirts. These items are gradually becoming a favorite of women. Wear one made of suede or any other matte material, and see how the heads turn!

Leather Skirt

Image Courtesy: understandfashion.com

6. Minimalist Sneaker:

This sneaker is less in adornment, but is loaded with functionality. It does not have any metallic panels, contrast stitching, hidden wedges or needless hardware. When choosing a go-to sneaker, an all-white one would make the best buy.


Image Courtesy: www.etsy.com

7. Glamorous Fur:

Fur is an ideal companion during the fall and winter months, and women are usually crazy about it. Add interest to your look by opting for fur pieces in unusual hues like electric blue, pastel pink and lime green.


Image Courtesy: www.fauxplay.co.uk

8. Embellished Sock:

Want to try something entirely new? Go for socks adorned with gemstones and pearls. Get a pair for yourself this fall, to add a dazzle to your overall appearance. You can easily decorate your socks yourself at home, if you know how to use a thread and a needle. However, there are numerous shops from where you can buy them.

 Embellished Socks

Image Courtesy: moodboard.typepad.com

9. Versatile Waistcoat:

A sleeveless waistcoat is an ideal layering piece, which gives you comfort as well as style. A formal waistcoat goes well with almost all sorts of outfits ranging from formal shirts to casual tees.


Image Courtesy: www.inofashion.com

10. Quirky Cap:

Who doesn’t love to sport a cute, quirky woolen cap? Choose to get one that has a ribbon, a pom pom, ears, or other elements that add a shade of fun to it. Such a cap would also let others get a glimpse of the child in you. You can also go for a wool hat to get an interesting look.

Woolen Cap

Image Courtesy: www.shopmadeinchina.com

With these fall fashion items in your closet, you would surely experience a stylish fall. Ready to go for your fall shopping now? Don’t forget to take your list along.


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