7 Advantages of an Organic Wool Topper for Your Mattress

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Medical professionals have a firm belief that a person should sleep for at least 8 hours a day to rejuvenate their mind and body. It helps a person to better prepare for the next day with higher productivity. On average, a person spends 1/3rd of his life sleeping; hence, it becomes crucial to have a quality bedding system for this time. From the mattress, pillows, to mattress toppers, having everything in place will help you get the most of your sleeping hours. While most of the people give enough attention to their mattresses and pillows, they often overlook the significance of having the right mattress topper for their bedding.

Having an organic wool topper for your mattress is an intelligent move, as it provides enhanced support, cushioning, and comfort. It is usually purchased by people that don’t want to compromise with their sleep and protect their mattress from getting damaged. That’s not it; high-quality mattress toppers made of organic materials also keeps you safe from micro allergens, dust mites, and other harmful elements. If you already have a good mattress and are planning to buy a protective cover for it, then you should go ahead with an organic mattress topper made of 100% natural wool. To know if the investment will be worth it or not, read ahead to get the answer!

What is a Wool Mattress Topper?

Before you jump into the benefits of having a quality topper for your mattress, you must know what precisely a mattress topper is. This information will compliment your investment decision. An organic wool topper is a protective layer that provides extra cushioning and support to your body while protecting the mattress from damaging elements. Toppers made of wool are ideal if your mattress has either worn away or is rigid. These toppers are breathable, easy to clean, provide cushioning to the human body, and are incredibly comfortable.

Advantages of Having an Organic Wool Topper

Now that you know what an organic wool topper for a mattress is, you can better comprehend its benefits. Check out each of the shared advantages and take the final call accordingly.

1.Regulated Temperature

Mattress toppers made of wool have high insulating properties. If you cover your mattress with a natural wool topper, then you won’t have to change it throughout the year. It is because of its excellent insulating properties that this topper will make you feel warm during winters and keep you cool during the summers. Also, wool as a material is airy and breathable that makes the bed more comfortable and cozy. As you can feel comfortable with wool mattress topper in all seasons, it improves the cost-effectiveness of the topper. Hence, justifying the amount, you pay for its purchase.

2. Hypoallergenic

People that are sensitive to chemicals need to be careful with their choice of topper materials. If you have any form of allergy, then you should go ahead with the organic wool mattress topper because of its hypoallergenic properties. Wool is naturally resistant to both mildew and mold that doesn’t provide favorable growth conditions for dust mites or other harmful elements that are often found in the bed layers. Another positive character of wool mattress topper is that it doesn’t contain any form of chemicals, like flame retardants or pesticides that are the root cause of several allergies and irritation.

3. Sustainability

Wool is a sustainable material that is obtained by shearing the coats of sheep, rabbits, and various other herbivores. It is one such material that doesn’t harm the environment, nor does its manufacturing requires any form of non-renewable energy. If you care for Mother Nature, then you should choose this organic and eco-friendly option.

4. Comfortable

Having comfortable and cozy bedding helps you sleep faster and without much effort. Wool is extremely soft to touch and contains insulating properties that are enough to bring you at peace. Toppers made of organic wool are airy, breathable, supportive, and prevents you from feeling suffocated during the hot and humid seasons.

5. Absorbs Movement & Impact

Two people sharing a bed often end up getting a disrupted sleep because of the movement of one of the partners. Having the mattress covered with natural wool topper reduces any such movements to nil, and allows both people to sleep peacefully. Whenever a person gets up the bed or changes side, the wool topper absorbs the movement and doesn’t let the other partner feel a thing. The organic wool topper is bliss for people who share their bed with a partner.

6. Highly Durable

Buying a wool topper for your mattress will probably be one of the best decisions of your life. As wool is naturally moisture-resistant, it doesn’t get damaged due to accidental spills. One can easily wipe away the liquid, and the topper is good to use. Apart from being moisture resistant, wool is also known to naturally resist wear and tear that ultimately increases the lifespan of a wool mattress topper. The longer the topper lasts, the more you can benefit from your investment on the wool topper.

7. Cushioning & Support

Having the right support and coziness is essential to get that perfect sleep. Mattresses that have been in use for years tend to sag and become lumpy over time that disrupts the sleep by causing constant discomfort and backaches. Covering an old mattress with organic wool topper can help you get rid of the rigidness of the mattress by imparting optimum body support and maintaining the perfect balance of firmness and softness. If you are tired of interrupted sleep because of your harsh mattress, then you should get a wool topper at the earliest.

Animal lovers will find investing in organic wool topper worth every penny because these mattress toppers are cruelty-free. The list of reasons or benefits to get a wool topper can be virtually endless, but this article has covered all the primary points. If you were skeptical of your decision to purchase a wool mattress topper, then you must have received a clear answer by now.

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