A Perfect Match! Guide To Wearing Headpiece With A Rose Petal Girl Dress

Summer is here! That means it is season for weddings, communions, and occasions for girls to get adorned in all pretty things. But let’s face it; summer is not the only season for girls to get pretty and dolled up. Every season calls for a special occasion and there is always a reason for a little beauty.

True, it’s easy for girls to look beautiful in special occasion gowns! But there is a right and wrong way to wear these garments and the accessories which are matched with them. Wear it the wrong way, and your pretty girl can look like she has a very confused fashion coordinator (aka a frazzled mom or dad!). Here are some basic tips to get the look right.

By: Eden, Janine and Jim

Rose petal dresses for girls are common special occasion dresses. The diverse, yet conventional look is a favorite for weddings, formal and less formal occasions. They can be diverse in terms of color, fabric texture and design. These are the key factors for selecting the right headpiece to match the dress.

Match the Color, Fabric & Decor

Most rose petal dresses are white with a different color trim and/or ribbons. They may have other accessories such as sequins, cubic zirconia or studs imbedded in different parts of the dresses. You can select a head piece that is the same fabric as the trim and ribbon of the dress, even if it is a different fabric from the majority of the dress. Matching the headpiece to the ribbon and trim will give a nice flow accenting the uniqueness of the headpiece, waist ribbon and trim.

If the dress has sequins or studs, it can be included in the headpiece. However, be sure not to overdo sparkles in the headpiece, or any other decor for that matter. If the waist or trim has rose petal flowers as decor, the headpiece might be just a simple band (matching the girl’s hair color) and a single rose piece worn slightly off center. The main piece, if it’s a single rose, should be somewhere between the center part and the ear.

Some dresses are more dynamic. Depending on the occasion, the rose petal girl’s dress selected may be mostly pink, red, blue, or any color other than white. If the dress has another color, choosing the contrasting color for the headpiece will give a wonderful accent to the entire ensemble.

Consider the girl’s hair color when selecting the headpiece. If you want to accent and contrast for a dynamic look, choose a contrasting color. Bright and dark colors will work well for blonde and light hair color; on the other hand, dark colors may get buried in dark haired girls. Here is where you may want to add sparkles for subtle yet standout look.

Selecting the Design

A crown of roses is a common and traditional headpiece design for flower girls. You really can’t go wrong with design as long as the flowers are not too big and do not overwhelm the small head frame of the girl. This design looks great with hair worn up or down.

A more modern and popular design is a headpiece with an off center decoration. The decor should not be too big and should be worn somewhere in the midline of the center hair part and one ear. If the hair is worn in a simple side pony tail, the headpiece decor should be very close to the ear on the same side as the pony tail. This will give a very feminine and elegant look.

Luckily, all girls are beautiful and it’s hard to make them look less than pretty in a rose petal dress. If you follow the basic tips of selecting a headpiece by matching the color, texture and design, your girls are sure to shine and be pretty in pink or any color.

Author : Laura Greening is a mom and a part time wedding planner. She loves to write about wedding planning and preparation. She is currently working as a consultant for MyKidStudio, a flower girl dress store, based in Los Angeles, CA.

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