Diagnosing the Air Conditioning Problems by the Expert Technicians

It has been proved by the US Environmental Protection Agency that of the total amount of energy consumed on an average basis by an American household, 4% is done by the cooling systems. Half of the average amount that one spends on yearly electric bills is the cost of using heating and cooling instruments. There are many issues that one might face if he uses the air conditioner continuously be it in the office or the house. These include,

Blower leakage

Cooling loss

Burnt out compressors



Air Conditioning Repair Fort Lauderdale will diagnose the Issues Well

A proper air conditioning repair Fort Lauderdale Company will surely diagnose the following problems in an ac.

Contamination– when the little contaminants such as air, dirt, debris or even small leaves, enter any part of the air conditioning, there is a high risk of the compressor getting exhausted. The air conditioning repair company that you choose must make sure that there is no leakage in the ac’s suction side; that none of the valves are left un-vacuumed; and also that there is no Freon gas in the refrigerants. Only then can you be sure that your compressors run no risk of getting exhausted due to contamination.

Problems in cooling – If the situation is such that the motor keeps on running without emitting any cool air, it runs the risk of being overheated. Such a thing will occur as a result of two things. Firstly, the condenser fan might fail or the debris can block the air flow. These factors shorten the life of the compressor.  High temperature in the suction side is also enough to create exhaustion in the compressor. The technicians from the most well equipped air conditioning repair Fort Lauderdale Company will make sure that each single part of the air conditioning performs in the best manner. They might also need to replace the compressor.

Oil Lubrication – sometimes it also happens that the refrigerant leaks and the oil might reach the Thermostatic Expansion Vales (TEV) and clogs it. This congestion causes high system pressure in the TEV and in turn damages the compressor. ACs meant for commercial use has separate oil pumps for the lubrication of the motors. The failure of the oil pumps will mean burning out of the compressor. A good technician will take utmost care to lubricate the compressor motor as a safety measure to avoid oil leakage and overcharging of the system.

Electrical and Mechanical Problems – The reasons behind a compressor’s exhaustion are,

  • Fluctuation in voltage and improper supply of voltage
  • Poor quality of power, inclusive of fluctuations and voltage loss

Fluctuating Current

Technical problems, like used out AC air compressor parts (internal), also causes failing of the air compressor engine. Thus, knowledgeable specialist from a recognized company of air conditioner mend in Fort Lauderdale preserves electric elements (switches, relays, and contractors). Moreover, a check on the mechanical usages will be kept to make sure protected function of the AC air compressor.

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