Snooze Fest: How to Improve Your Sleep Environment?

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If you wish to sleep soundly every day, you need to create a proper sleep environment.

Many individuals face sleep trouble due to the wrong environment such as the surrounding lighting, wrong organic wool mattress topper, or poor color combination. Due to this, tossing and turning during the night and feeling exhausted in the morning is a habitual routine for several individuals.

To help you overcome these issues, we have prepared a small guide containing tips to improve your sleep environment. Read more to know how you can make your bedroom peaceful and relaxing.

Tips to Improve Your Sleep Environment

1. Reduce Clutter

Spend some time to clean the clutter from your bedroom. If your bedroom looks like an unorganized closet, then it may be hard for you to receive a peaceful sleep. Take some time out every day to remove dirty laundry and other things from your bedroom.

If you have an office in your room or a study table, keep it clean and organized. Every time you get up from work, organize your desk and then leave. This will reduce the accumulation of dirt and dust.

2. Use Organic Wool Mattress

The mattress contributes a lot to your sleep environment. If you are still using an old, worn-out mattress, there’s a high chance of you developing back pain, allergies, skin problems, and many more health issues. To remedy this situation you need:

  • A proper mattress that completely fits the size of your bed structure.
  • A well-maintained, dust-free mattress of comfortable material such as wool.
  • A proper mattress cover to reduce exposure to spills and stains.
  • An organic mattress for enhanced benefits like reduced exposure to allergies and dust mites.

Non-organic mattresses contain allergens and toxic chemicals, which impact the health of the individual by radiating harmful fumes. For instance, the glues utilized in the mattress can harm children and pregnant women or the synthetic material utilized in the mattress can lead to skin irritation and rashes.

Looking at the time spent on the mattress, it is necessary to choose an organic wool mattress for reduced exposure to chemicals.

3. Use Organic Wool Mattress Topper

If you don’t wish to choose an organic mattress or purchase one right now, you can utilize a cost-effective supplement: the organic wool mattress topper.

A topper is an additional layer added to the mattress to protect it from dust, dirt, allergens, and spills. In fact, the right mattress topper is known to increase the life of the mattress greatly.

Hence, you can purchase an organic wool mattress topper on top of your conventional innerspring mattress and receive the following benefits:

  • Less exposure to spills and stains which can reduce smell in the mattress.
  • Reduce the accumulation of dust and dirt which can reduce allergies.
  • Reduce exposure to harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde.
  • Achieve easy cleaning when compared to the wool mattress.

4. Manage Room Temperature

If you are feeling too hot or too cold, it is unlikely to receive a good night’s sleep. Always try to set the correct room temperature to avoid interrupting your sleep mid-way.

If you are sharing your bed with your partner, then you may need to manage the room temperature accordingly. For example, if you like to keep your room cold and the partner needs a little hot environment, you can use a thick blanket to manage to temperature.

5. Adjust Lighting

While it is often a personal choice to keep the lighting as preferred, dark rooms are best for sound sleep. The sleep hormone known as melatonin regulates the sleep and wake cycle of the body. If there’s light in the room, the release of this hormone stays minimum and your body stays awake. This interrupts the normal sleep cycle and keeps the body in a wakeful position all through the night.

Hence, it is suggested to reduce the light in your bedroom as far as possible.

6. Adjust Sound

Sounds in the night can be soothing as well as disturbing. Some people are awakened by even slightest movement and others can sleep with music playing in the room. Depending upon your sound tolerance, reduce or induce sound in your bedroom during sleep time.

One important factor to consider here is the sound of your alarm clock. Don’t set alarm clock sound to something which gives you a jarring wake up. Select a sound that is right to wake you up without scaring you.

7. Coordinate Color

The color of your room promotes several activities. For instance, it is natural to see red danger signs because red promotes alertness. Blue, on the other hand, is the most soothing and calming color. So, keep 1-2 walls of your room blue to promote a good night’s sleep.


To receive sound sleep every day, you need to strike a chord between several elements such as proper sound, lighting, organic wool mattress topper, and room color. If you regulate these factors, you can improve your sleep environment and increase the chances of peaceful sleep every night.

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