Top 5 Essential Summer Accessories for Women

Accessories provide the best option to revise one’s conventional look by breathing new life to an otherwise dull outfit. There are few accessories whose assistance you can seek to keep yourself abreast with latest trends along with keeping your look seasonally appropriate.

Retro-styled shades:

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Retro-styled shades are the most in-thing this summer. They are an essential element for completing the summer look, because they are eternal and timeless. Some of the styles of shades that are in vogue now are the Jackie O, the cat eye and the wayfarer. If you are planning to wear your shade throughout the year, then you better go for black or the standard tortoise. But you have wearing it only for summer in mind then go for a vibrant shade like red or turquoise.

Straw hats:

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In summer, keeping oneself protected from the harsh and harmful rays of summer becomes a headache for many. But you can easily solve that problem even without compromising your style quotient with the help of straw hat. Even if you were never in awe of the different styles of hats, but some classic styles such as panama and boater works for everyone. If you want some extra protection from your hat, then opt for a large rimmed floppy sun hat.

Handbag made of mixed material:

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It is a widely acknowledged fact that handbag is an accessory that can add certain oomph factor to your appearance, so follow the current trend and dump those heavy-looking leather bags this summer. Instead procure a purse tailored out of fabric or straw with leather linings that will create a lighter but stylish look for you. Bags of bright and vibrant colors with embroidered fabrics can contribute a lot in terms of creating a summer special look for you.

Bangle bracelets:

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Bangle bracelets are a perfect accessory for you this summer, as it allows you the chance to mix and match. They allow you the option of decorating your bare wrists with colorful elements that enables you to flaunt your wrists with confidence. This summer the type of bangles that will be high on demand will be the wooden bangles with semi-precious stones set on them to make them attractive and colorful. Enamel bracelets of dark and bright colors are also a good option to add a dash of color to your summer dress. You can wear very few or too many; do not hesitate to experiment with bangles of different colors, sizes and materials for creating a unique summer look for yourself.

Light and trendy shawl:

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A shawl is a trendy piece of summer accessory which does not only enhance your summer look but also serve multiple purposes, like acting as a cover up at the beach and as a wrap during the evening chills. But make sure you purchase shawl of comfortable fabrics like linen and cotton. Picking up a shawl might be a bit tricky, as your choice of shawl should match with the pieces of garment that you already have in your closet. If you closet is crammed with colorful accessories, then go for a neutral shawl; contrarily, if your wardrobe consists of neutral clothes, then buy a shawl of bright and vivid color.

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