Understand a Swiss Army Knife before making the Purchase

In my opinion, nothing is more handy and useful in modern times than a Swiss army knife. As the name suggests, these knives were originally designed for the Swiss military. However, the manufacturer soon realized that the utility of this tool should not just be kept limited to the military, and made it available to the public. And after more than a century later, the Swiss army knife has grown to become one of the most popular every-day tool ever created.

Swiss Army Knife


In order to help you get hold of an original product, you must know everything about a Swiss army knife. In short, the features, the most popular ones and the top uses should be firmly affixed in your mind before you make the purchase.

Basic Features of Swiss Army Knives

A good and original Swiss army watch must have the following 10 features:

  • Scissors to meet your cutting needs
  • Large blade for cutting cloth, paper, wire, etc.
  • Tweezers to pick out pins and splinters
  • Nail file to smooth rough edges of metals or wood
  • Magnifier glass to read small letters (and light a fire)
  • Corkscrew to open the cork of a bottle
  • Fish scaler to scale a fish (or anything which needs scaling)
  • Screwdriver to open or close screws
  • Awl to pierce holes in leather and similar objects
  • Key ring to attach the knife to a key-bunch

Popular Swiss Army Knives

Wenger Esquire: Known also as the Classique knife, it’s well known for its durable blades, effective tweezers and sharp scissors makes it the most popular model sold by the company. Another famous product of Wenger is the Wenger Travel knife.

Victorinox Camper: Best-suited to frequent travelers, this Swiss knife is equipped with all the necessary tools that are required for camping. Its less-than-75-grams weight makes it even more preferable. Other famous products from Victorinox are Victorinox Classic SD, Victorinox Spartan,Victorinox Climber, and Victorinox Signature.

Top Uses of Swiss Army Knives

Slicing and Cutting: A Swiss army knife is a knife after all. It is very obvious that its primary field of application will be slicing and cutting. So be it paper or a rope, the sharp and strong blades of a Swiss knife can cut through almost anything. And not only the blade, the scissor also has a role to play.

Opening or Tightening Screws: A Swiss army knife comes with a screwdriver. So, whenever in need of opening or tightening screws, this is one tool which will always come in handy.

Starting a Fire: Not every Swiss knife comes with a magnifying glass, but if you can always buy a model which has one. Yes, you can read tiny letters written at the back of a bottle of medicine. But for campers, this magnifying glass can also be used to light fires.

Other Uses: Depending on the available features, a Swiss army knife can perform various actions. Most common ones are using the awl to make holes, the corkscrew to open corks, the can opener to open the mouth of a can, and the hook to grab or hang item from.

It is needless to say that not only a Swiss army knife is a must-have item in every backpack, but it also plays a vital role in everyday household activities. So when you go to buy a Swiss army watch, make sure you get the best one.

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