Religious Body Tattoo – The trend of 2011

The major attraction among this generation is heading out for a total body tattoo, and the latest trend say it must be a religious tattoo!! Strange but true… Be it a girl or a boy, the choice goes in the same way. But it must be said, that the wide range of the beautiful colors and the designs are really very alluring.

Religious-body-TattoosNo matter if you are not aware of the belief, you can get the detail information about the same from the net. The pictures of Jesus, Hindu gods, folded hands for prayer, cross all are available now. But there are the existences of the religions like Judaism, or Christianity that are against of these tattoos.

If you too are in this group you can consider doing the tattoo of various tribal symbols, Chinese characters, Japanese symbols, Buddhist images, Celtic crosses. Etc.

However you must not consider doing something that will harm the religious belief of others. I think the most powerful and religious one is the cross symbol.

But, you must keep this mind, that tattoo damages the skin a lot, so you must take a total skin care for your skin. I think Sponge Skin Care can be a better option.

Never damage your skin running behind the trends!

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