Ten Useful Tips For Buying Carpets

Buying the correct carpet for your home is undoubtedly an astounding job. Here are ten check points that any buyer should follow before investing in a carpet.

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1. Twist: Check on the twist of every single yarn. The pile density and performance of the carpet are highly dependent on the number of twists. Greater number of twists ensure greater flexibility of the material, which in turn, is effective for hiding footmarks.

2. Stain Protection: Carpets are generally cleaned on an annual basis. Therefore, it is best to purchase one which comes with stain protection, static guard and soil protection. If placed in heavy traffic areas, then it is advisable to clean it at least 3-4 times in the course of the year in spite of having a stain protection guard.

3. Reputable Dealer: Always purchase carpets from reputed dealers who authenticate the brand they sell. Also, check that the company offers customer service for the maintenance and upkeep of the product.

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4. Research Extensively: Survey the market extensively and have a look at the various product types and schemes that are available. Also, do not try to cut down on prices by ignoring the underpad of a carpet. Even though it is not visible, it provides effective cushioning to the overlying carpet material. A flimsy underpad will only result in your carpet wearing out rather quickly.

5. Professional Installation: For proper fitting and installation of your carpet, always call for professional help or seek professional guidance if you are doing it yourself.

6. Prepare Your Floor: Buy a carpet according to the texture of the floor of your house or workplace. Not only does the longevity of your carpet depend on the floor, but also on the quality of the underpad. Therefore, if the floor has a rough texture, then buy a carpet that comes with a thick layer of under-padding in order to minimize the damage on the material itself.

7. Make The Right Choice: Pick the style according to the look that you want your room to wear. If you want to give a fine finish to the entire outlook, choose a velvet carpet. Or you can choose an oriental carpet to give your room a formal look. The color and texture of the carpet largely influences the final look of the room. Therefore, carefully decide on the type of carpet you invest in.

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8. High-traffic Areas: If you want to buy a carpet for high-traffic areas like offices and shops, then low loop or basic pile carpets are good performers as they are durable, as well as easy to clean and maintain.

9. Make Sure Your Investment Is Cost Effective: Do not always run after discounts and offers as you may end up buying a carpet that will not last you for more than a year. It is equally unwise to go in for a big brand name which will charge more simply for the name and logo attached to the carpet. The best thing to do id to be patient and look around at various styles and designs, rather than purchase impulsively.

10. Check on Warranty: Check the warranty card to know of the services offered by the brand. Know whether the company offers duty-free installation and maintenance services.

Carpets are an integral part of home and office decor, and it is only wise to extensively research the market before investing in one.

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