Tips To Consider When Buying A Persian Rug

Persian Rug

The options which you are going to see in front of you when buying a Persian rug are going to be nothing short of overwhelming. Moreover, there is also the humungous task of choosing the right sized rug, keeping in mind the room it will be place in and the foot traffic it will have to handle.

Persian Rug


However, this is not all that you have to keep in mind. You also need to make sure that the Persian rug you are buying is of the best quality, and to ensure that, you need to scan through these valuable tips on buying high-quality Persian rugs:

Size of the Persian Rug: It is very obvious that the price of the rug will be directly proportional to its size. In other words, the larger the rug, the more pricey it will be. This is the reason why you should have the desired exact measurements in mind. This will not only narrow down the search but also help in reducing the overall expenditure.

Quality of the Persian Rug: It is the quality of a Persian rug which adds to its value. From high to use-and-throw, however, it’s the quality of a Persian rug which can vary to a great extent. How will you know whether the rug is of a good quality or not? There are a few factors to consider while choosing a rug. Let’s have a look at them

  • The Knot Density: The knot density of a rug simply means the number of knots per square inch. And the knot density is a major decisive factor when it comes to the rug’s quality. The range of knot density in Persian rugs is between 30 to 300. While the former is of coarse and basest quality, the latter is of the best and high quality.
  • The Natural Dyes: Persian rugs with natural dyes come with a limited variety of colors. However, these are considered to be the most authentic than the ones with synthetic dyes, and are therefore more expensive and sought-after Persian rugs.
  • The Hand-spun Wool: Persian rugs which are made by hand-spun wool fibers are given a unique distinction because of their handmade value. While machine-spun Persian rugs are more uniform in nature, but go for the hand-spun ones if you are looking for authenticity.

There you have it! Buying Persian rugs is no rocket science, and you’ll end up with a pretty good one if you keep what I told you in mind.

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