Visiting a Tropical Place? 3 Best Fabrics for Hot and Humid Weather

Humid Weather Clothing

Are you planning a vacation in a tropical tourist attraction? If yes, clothing is one of the most important things you have to consider. The tropical climate is famous for its heat and humidity, and wearing anything that’s not comfortable can make you mad. To pick up the right clothing for tropical climate, you have to know which are the best fabrics for hot and humid weather. Besides, it’s a good idea to try dresses before buying, to ensure they are loose enough and fit you well.

Well, to be comfortable, you don’t need to compromise on the style aspect. You can get quite stylish and trendy outfit options made of fabrics meant for tropical climates.

Humid Weather Clothing

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Below appear some fabrics you can consider while buying clothing for your tropical vacation:

1. Cotton:

Cotton makes a great material for hot and humid climate as it lets air pass through it, thereby allowing the dissipation of heat, lowering the humidity. The fabric absorbs moisture well too, increasing evaporation and keeping skin dry. However, the tendency of cotton to soak water may be a problem too. This is because if the fabric becomes damp, it would remain damp for quite some time.

Another advantage of cotton is that you can machine wash and dry it. In hot weather, sweat accumulates in clothing, and being able to wash clothes easily and quickly is certainly a great advantage. Cotton is also reasonably durable and you can iron it easily.

2. Linen:

Similar to cotton, linen is cool, absorbent and very comfortable. The fabric loses water quite fast when damp or wet, which is an advantage in humid weather. Relatively stain-resistant, you can machine wash linen. However, it becomes creased and wrinkled quite easily, when you tumble dry it. You also need to work hard to iron it. Linen’s susceptibility to mildew can be troublesome in high humidity areas.

3. Rayon:

Rayon is made up of natural cellulose. Natural cellulose is given different chemical treatments to result in a fibrous material that is suitable for making clothing. Like linen and cotton, rayon easily absorbs water, doesn’t trap the body heat, and is comfortable and cool to wear. This makes the fabric suitable for tropical conditions. However, normal rayon has a limited durability, and it’s better to dry-clean it instead of washing. Another version of the fabric, referred to as high-wet modulus (HWM) rayon, has greater strength and you can machine-wash it.

These are some of the best woman apparel fabrics for hot and humid weather. Pick up clothing made of one or more of these fabrics, and remain assured that you would be cool and comfortable during your vacation in tropical conditions.

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