6 Key Benefits of Buying an Organic Wool Comforter

Wool Mattress Comforter

With the onset of the cooler months, the need for woolen clothes and comforters increases significantly. Organic wool comforters help us by keeping us warm and cozy apart from bestowing us with many other benefits.

Organic wool differs much from standard wool. This is because it does not require chemical carbonization during the manufacturing process, unlike the standard wool. So, this natural wool is quite soft and pliable in contrast to the brittleness and coarseness of conventional wool.

During the chilly winter days and nights, an organic wool comforter is one of the softest and most snuggly bedding element that you can cover yourself with. Your quality of sleep will be improved at night with the use of this natural wool comforter. It aids in getting deeper sleep than any other bedding options.

Take a look at the various benefits of an organic wool comforter that will inspire you to buy it during the winter months.

Key Benefits of an Organic Wool Comforter

1. Natural Temperature Regulating Ability

Organic wool has a built-in insulating property to give you warmth during the winter and cool in the summers. This super fiber helps in maintaining the optimal body temperature and allows you to remain comfortable. The breathability factor of organic wool is much better than down fibers, synthetic fibers, and also cotton fibers when utilized in making comforters. It safeguards you from the intense heat or coldness outside and helps your body temperature stay at a comfortable level.

2. Absorbs Moisture

Organic wool is a naturally wicking fiber. Its shape resembles that of a coil and has a natural ability to absorb the excess moisture and heat from one’s body. Organic wool comforters have moisture absorption ability to up to 30 percent of their weight and do not feel wet or heavy. Whereas, cotton fiber has an absorption limit of up to 15 percent without having to feel the dampness. This particular property of organic wool fibers makes it perfect to be used in both warm and cold weather.

3. Resistant to Dust Mite, Mold and Mildew

Dust mites and bacteria grow and thrive in moisture and warmth. Organic wool does not hold the moisture between its fibers and allows it to pass through the fabric and evaporate in the air. Organic wool fabric drys quickly and prevents the growth of fungus, mold, mildew, and dust mites. Dust mites are responsible for most of the allergies in people. So, organic wool is great for those who suffer from dust mite allergies, asthma, and other allergic and respiratory conditions.

4. Durable

Organic wool fibers can be stretched up to 50 percent when it is damp and 30 percent when dry. It can still rebound to its original shape when the fiber is released due to its coil-like shape and inherent crimp. This resilience of wool fiber makes it quite durable and can be used for years at an end if maintained properly.

Organic wool can be twisted more than 20,000 times without getting damaged. On the other hand, cotton can resist up to 3,200 bends, silk breaks after 1,800 bends, and rayon fibers can withstand only 75 bends. Woolen fabric can resist wear and tear for its elasticity. It cannot be compressed due to its chemical structure. So, organic wool comforters are long lasting than other comforter materials.

5. Hypoallergenic

Containing natural organic wool fibers, an organic wool comforter is free of chemicals used in manufacturing traditional woolen comforters and thus does not trigger allergic reactions. Organic wool comforters are naturally hypoallergenic due to its resistance to bacteria, mildew and dust mites and the complete lack of toxic chemicals in the fibers.

6. Sustainable and Environmentally Safe

Organic wool fleece is a completely biodegradable material unlike conventional fiber, that leaves behind significant traces of toxic chemicals in the environment. It is a natural and environment-friendly product and harmless to the environment. Natural wool is a renewable and sustainable product and can be shorn from sheep every year. This organic wool is obtained from free-grazing sheep, that are ethically treated and which makes for a small-scale industry in America. Healthy and clean wool is produced without giving stress to the environment or the animals which is further utilized in making different woolen commodities. Thus, using an organic wool comforter can considerably make less carbon footprint, which is good for our ecosystem.

The Bottom Line

An Organic wool comforter is fabricated to last long. Buy this comforter made with natural wool and you won’t be disappointed with its performance at any time of the year. Whether you wrap yourself up with this comforter during the winter months or cover your bed with it during the rest of the year, it will give you enough comfort and coziness for many years to come.

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