7 Factors to Consider when Buying Outdoor Christmas Lights

Lights in Snow

Outdoor lighting forms an essential element of your Christmas decoration. After all, its one of the things that makes you feel the festive season. So, you must be planning to illuminate your outdoors as beautifully as possible. To ensure that your outdoor lighting turns out well, you need to buy the lights quite carefully.

To get the best possible outdoor Christmas lights within your budget, here are the factors that you should consider:

1. Durability:

If you wish to decorate your outdoors, make sure that you look for lights that are meant to be used as outdoor Christmas lights. Such lights are designed to withstand snow, sleet and rain. Before buying the lights, read the product’s description to ensure that they are designed for outdoor purposes. Some lights can withstand harsher weather conditions, and have greater longevity.

Lights in Snow

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2. Size:

You can find outdoor Christmas lights in various sizes and shapes. For a retro look, go for large bulb lights that have a larger bulb to emit light. Such lights are suitable for well trimmed landscapes and ranch style homes. On the other hand, Victorian homes and small homes look good with small bulb lights.

3. Length:

Besides size, the length of lights is also a major factor to consider. If you have a larger home, go for long outdoor Christmas lights that would save your money as well as time. The length of these lights is about 50 feet or greater, and you can wrap them around the whole porch or an outdoor tree. It is quite difficult to join light strings, so, consider buying longer lights if you wish to light up a large area.

Outdoor Tree Decoration

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4. Color:

Christmas lights come in an impressive range of colors. You can find them in blue, multi-colored, white and other colors, and in different sizes and shapes. You can even find lights changing colors and blinking.

Colorful Lights

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5. Visibility:

Consider the level of light, especially for the ones that would be on continuously. You won’t prefer going for dimmed lights, however, use the bright lights scarcely near your bedroom windows. If you have neighbors nearby, make sure that you don’t use too bright lights at places that are in the direction of your neighbor’s windows.

6. Length of Operation:

Traditional lights usually burn out after being used for a season, or lose many strands because of burn outs. If you wish to buy a longer lasting outdoor light, consider going for LED Christmas lights. To save electricity and reduce your monthly bill, buy solar Christmas lights also.

7. Type of Lights:

Outdoor Christmas lights come in various types, which let people create striking and unique outdoor lighting setups. The types that are widely available are:

  • String Lights:

String lights are traditional Christmas lights that can be placed easily along windows and edges. If you choose to trace the outline of your home with lights, the most suitable option for you would be string lights.

String Lights

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  • Shaped Lights:

You can choose shaped lights for setting up displays that are loved by both children and adults. Lights in shape of animals like reindeer and others, are also referred to as wireframe outdoor Christmas lights. Although you can buy the wireframes separately, and then illuminate them with lights, but the time you would save by going for a complete setup, would compensate for the extra price.

Shaped Lights

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  • Icicle Lights:

If you wish to light up the edges of your home and the gutters, consider getting icicle outdoor Christmas lights. These lights create the atmosphere of the festival, without requiring you to buy a large number of lights. Icicle lights generate an effect, which creates the illusion of large setups of lights with minimum effort. You can light up a whole garage, or even your entire home, with one icicle light string. To come up with a unique outdoor lighting display, buy icicle lights as well as traditional lights.

Christmas Icicle Lights

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By considering these factors, you can buy the right outdoor Christmas lights. When it comes to their installation, seek the help of professional lighting installers if you don’t have much experience in doing such jobs. Safety is an important factor to consider when installing lights in areas like roof. So, light up only those areas yourself that ensure your safety. Call the pros to light up the rest. So, illuminate your outdoors with the right Christmas lights this festive season and give your home a stunning look.

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