Get the look right a la Johnny Depp with 5 simple steps

We all know that Johnny Depp has all the girls swooning and drooling over him but how many of you are aware that even the male brigade is not far off. If the girls are seen popping their eyes out for a bit of Depp’s charm then the boys also have their eyes popping out to get Depp’s fashion right and neatly stuffed inside their closet. If there was a face for the male bohemian chic then it would be Johnny Depp for sure. Since we know that his fashion is the envy of all men we thought to decode Johnny Depp’s style to help the young men slip into those clothes and who knows even manage to win the heart of their lady love.

5 simple steps that helps you get the fashion right
Johnny Depp is not just known for his quirky sense of clothing, on the contrary people just adore him because he has the sophistication to carry out formal, casual, bohemian and quirky sense of clothing with great attitude, sensuous charm and oozing confidence. So for now let us focus to get his casual look carefully decoded. Here are the 5 basic steps for men’s casual clothing Johnny Depp style:

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  • Hair – if you give a close look then you will be able to figure out that Johnny Depp has a very messy hairstyle popularly known as the ‘out of the bed look’. This look is synonymous with being carefully careless. No other hairstyle beats the casual look like this hairstyle does. And a certain Mr. Depp knows best how to keep this hair style carelessly placed but still manages to look attractive.
  • Eyewear – many girls have stated that geek is the new sexy! So how could Johnny Depp be far away from this adjective. Try donning geeky specs before stepping out of your home and the best part about wearing geeky specs is that you can always look different by trying out new frames that will never make your look monotonous. Geeky specs help you to oomph up the casual look better and sometimes also helps you get the bohemian look right.
  • Jeans – a nice pair of jeans that suits your body type is one of the best things to have in your closet. Baggy or ripped both these styles look absolutely yummy to perfect the casual look. We all know how perfect Johnny Depp looks in this style so why dont you do that as well for a coffee date with your girl. Always remember a lot can happen over coffee!
  • Shoes – for a casual look shoes are a strict no no and it is time for you to make way for your funky flip flops. Flip flops in bright colors and funky motifs are an instant hit and an immediate head turner. The idea of quirk is best portrayed through these kind of slippers.
  • Attitude – yes it is one of the trendiest attire that never goes out of fashion. You need to have the right attitude to be the most irresistable hunk in town. The biggest lesson for having the right attitude is to be yourself and before you learn anything else from Captain Jack Sparrow learn this trend that he knows best.

Men’s casual clothing is one of the simplest fashion line-up that is the first tiny step towards being your fashionable best. So now that you know these 5 simple steps, next time step out of your home in style!

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