9 Essentials You Must Buy For Your Puppy

Puppies are little chubby balls of love bringing new bliss to your life. But, they need care and a lot of it. So when you have decided to experience this inexplicable joy, make sure you are taking care of the other sides. For a smooth transition of a puppy into a happy, healthy member of your family take few basic steps carefully. The first among them is to prepare a list of necessities you require to rear the puppies.

A personal crate with soft bedding– They are adorable, loving but they ask for privacy. Yes, very much from that budding age. Get a three-walled crate for your puppy considering its size. You keep the fourth wall open to encourage its movement and it can also see the rest of its family and sleep in peace. Fill up the crate with some old tees, towels, paper rolls to give it something soft to doze on. Don’t you already feel like picking it up for a cuddle?

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Absorbent Training pads– There is still time to train your little ball of fur. As long the social skills dawn upon him lets give him these pads and they can sleep, play, run and live without concerning you a bit ‘wee’ much!

Baby gates– You can change the name to puppy gates now. Mind you, puppies are extremely curious and with their olfactory senses developing fast they tend to poke their noses into each things and all. To keep a few delicate zones out of their reach you can use these gates and they will not play around where they don’t need to.

Sprays– Still after setting up barriers if you want to keep things out of your pooch’s reach, spray pup friendly bitter solutions that do not smell anything to humans but are nasty and repellent to puppies. They are safe, you can confirm it with a vet.

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Leashes and chains– We hate this but chains and leashes are indispensable at least for the first few weeks. They have an irrepressible urge to saunter away anywhere they wish and we cannot afford a single scratch on the precious sweetness.

Pet Collars– Buckle Closures look very smart on pet collars. You can choose interesting prints and colors that make you pup look more adorable.

Chewables– A puppy in its teething state has a propensity to bite and chew everything. That can be your bed sheet and furniture and not to forget, their favorite and your worst fear- shoes! Of course you need to prevent that and well your pet needs healthy gum exercise too. Nothing better than soft chewy toys that harm none and satiate their chewing urge.

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Bowls– This is one property they are vehemently particular of. Their food bowls are their prime personal property and they tolerate no nonsense regarding these. Get smart containers which hold good amount yet don’t consume a lot of space.

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Covers and cardigans– They are furry, doesn’t mean they don’t feel cold. They enjoy warmth and love to snuggle into something furrier than their coat. Gift them a smart tiny cardigan and see how happy that makes your tiny puppy!

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