A Caveate to Avoid Certain Traps Consumers Might Fall into

Consumers are often showered with umpteen number of offers and deals that seem to be very profitable and alluring. It is important to remember that all such high promises might not be kept. All that are claimed to be value buys might not prove to be so. Not every ‘Value Buy’ is for Saving your money. In fact a number of such blunders can prove to be costly mistakes. You can spot the traps on your own by being a little alert while buying a product or subscribing to certain services.

Purchasing gold for “great investment:

You can zero in on the decision to buy gold as everybody including all the interesting ads and commercials tell you that it is a great way to invest your hard earned money through buying gold as the price of this yellow metal have gone up at an astonishing rate in the last few years. In that case, you should not forget that the jeweler’s shop has the opportunity to make a huge profit on the sold products by increasing the making charges of jewelery. If the purpose is purely investment, the best thing to buy is the gold bars or coins. Even you need to read between the lines on the document containing the terms and conditions to be followed at the time of reselling.

Buying a gadget at a huge discount from a less-known website:

Buying everything starting from a pair of jeans to wooden furniture has become the latest trend. Most of the online shopping portals offer discounts to its customers. The caveat should alert you when one such online portal offers an astoundingly huge discount compared to all the other e-commerce websites. You should notice carefully if the site you have logged in has credible address and other contact information mentioned on their ‘contact us’ page. A 50 to 80% discount should ring the alarm for a trap. Make necessary inquiries about the products ordered from such websites by your friends and acquaintances.

A car with free insurance:

Be it a ‘full coverage’ or a partial one, believing in any such promise can prove to be stepping in a trap. It is very important to consider all the tiny details, terms and conditions before signing the document. You should read every detail about the methods to claim the amount of covered insurance. You might need to renew the car policy on your own and need pay the premium. That is just paying extra amount other than what you pay for buying the car.

There are several traps that you might fall in while making any purchase. Keep your eyes wide open and make sure you cough out any amount of money only after being very sure about your investment. That is the best caveat to avoid any trap that shell out more money than what you plan out of your pocket.

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