Fun and Creative Christmas Card Ideas

Christmas cards are undoubtedly one of the best parts of the festive season, but receiving the same tired-looking cards year after year can become uninspiring and boring. Instead of forking out on a large pack of generic holiday cards this year, add some personal touches to your family Christmas cards and you are guaranteed to spread the Christmas cheer.

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Get the Whole Family Involved

Although it seems to be quite popular throughout the USA and Canada, the family photo Christmas card can sometimes be dull when used too traditionally. So instead of lining your family up, use a little creativity and you can easily create a memorable and humorous Christmas card. With a little luck, you can make something which will be a matter of pride for any recipient to be kept on the mantelpiece.

A great way to have fun with this traditional card idea is to re-enact famous Christmas films or stories with your family on the front cover of the card. A scene in which you and your loved ones dress up and recreate a beloved movie scene will not only produce a funny photo for your card – it will also be a lot of fun for your family to take part in! It’s a great way to get into the festive spirit. You could even include your pets for bonus laughs.


Have Fun and Get Your Hands Dirty

Personalized cards are great; but if printing high quality photographs is out of your price range, there are other options too. The variety of ways in which you can make your own greeting cards is endless, and can be applied to the festive season easily. Craft fans, or those with younger children who need distractions, should definitely consider creating their own. Why not try a pop-up Rudolf card, or a hidden window card which shows Santa stuck in the chimney? Although these types of cards take time, they are extremely rewarding to create for yourself, and also allow you to customize your card to your recipient, adding that extra personal touch.

Children can also get involved in the creative process when it comes to your holiday cards. Ask your child to draw a picture of a Christmas scene and you have the makings of an endearing card – simply photocopy the drawing and mount on to some coloured card for a perfect family Christmas card.

Too Busy to Make Your Own Cards? Use The Internet!

If homemade cards is not exactly your style, then why not use the Internet to get that personalized feel? Many sites now offer cards which can be adapted and tailor made to the recipient using photos and text, allowing you to achieve that individual look without the hassle of all that cutting and gluing. Many sites also offer more unique ways of sending Christmas cards, by accompanying them with a small gift. Companies now even offer you the option of hiding your Christmas greeting cards in a snow globe. Perfect for this festive season!

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