Tips To Keep In Mind When Buying Bathroom Lighting

Countless scientific studies have shown that lighting significantly affects mood, meaning it is important to create the right feel when you start your daily routine. And as bathroom plays a significant role as you start your day, proper lighting in bathroom is of a paramount importance. However, let’s not look at this as a challenge, as it is more of a fun project to make your bathroom a personal refuge. While there are so many styles in decorating a bathroom – whether contemporary or vintage – these following tips are sure to fit in well with any design:

  1. More the Layers, the Better

Layering the lighting in any bathroom helps create a luxurious feel. These layers include makeup lighting, wall scones, and decorative pieces over tubs and showers, etc. The possibilities of building layers are endless. Light layers also give us the option of adjustable light levels. Light affects our moods, so if we are cheerful, we can turn on more lights, versus fewer lights if we are feeling contemplative.

  1. Be smart, be energy efficient

The main light fixture in a bathroom generates about 90% of lighting needs. Investing in energy-efficient light bulbs is a must-do to save on energy costs, and there’s no reason not to go with all the fashionable options available. An additional benefit is reducing your carbon footprint by making environmentally friendly choices for your lighting option. Going green seems to be the thing to do, so why not expand this movement into your bathroom.

  1. Double time

If you are looking to minimize the fixtures but not the lighting, try mounting the lights directly on the mirror. This will help illuminate the room through reflection. Of course, this would be something to consider when remodeling or building a bathroom, as you would have to plan ahead to install wires to run behind the mirror and to the other appropriate places. Nonetheless, it is a great option for remodeling on a budget.

  1. Play off size

When choosing the lighting fixtures, it’s always great to play off of the bathroom mirror and its size. When working with a smaller mirror, place decorative wall fixtures on each side of the mirror instead of above. This brings about a perfect way to balance the appropriate amount of lighting without creating shadows. If the mirror is larger and more proportional with the sink’s width, placing lighting on a horizontal strip across the top of the mirror is a great option. Include shades around the bulbs on the fixture to help illuminate the work space without overdoing it.

  1. Task lighting

As mentioned before, general lighting provides about 90% of lighting needs, while the remaining 10% is made of task lighting. Task lighting refers to prominent work spaces, such as the vanity or shower areas. While it is a smaller percentage, it should not be overlooked. A great tip for task lighting is to install lights at eye level, which provides cross-illumination and eliminates shadows under the eyes and chin. Therefore, when applying make-up or brushing your teeth, you are able be more accurate with the task at hand. Task lighting is also an essential element in creating the look and feel of the bathroom, as it can highlight specific design elements or commonly used areas.

Overall, when making lighting decisions for your bathroom, it comes down to a reflection of who you are. Lighting plays a huge role in determining the look and feel of a living space and can alter moods and emotions very easily. Learn the features of different bulbs and shades to help find the perfect feel you wish for your bathroom to reflect.

This post was written by Tracy Tesmer Remodeling, specializing in home, kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Gainesville, GA. Tracy has over 30 years of experience as a remodeler in Gainesville, GA.

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