Hair Conditioner – An Essential Requirement for your Hair

I have neglected the importance of hair conditioners for a long time, and have subsequently suffered a lot in managing my hair. And sadly, it is also true that most of us choose to stay away from hair conditioners and are happy to treat their hair just with shampoo. The reason for this can primarily be two:
1) Avoiding extra expenditure on hair, and
2) No proper knowledge about what a conditioner does.

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You might have seen how dry your hair becomes after you wash it with shampoo. This is because shampooing takes away moisture from the hair. Applying conditioner after shampooing replaces this lost moisture. Moreover, a conditioner also increase shine, smooths the cuticle of a hair, decreases static, evens out the pH level of your hair which prevents tangling, and makes your hair more manageable. A dream-come-true for everyone I am sure!

However, it must be remembered that every hair conditioner will not work on every hair type. The basic thing which should always be remembered is that you should choose the shampoo based on the condition of the scalp, while the conditioner should be chosen based on the condition of the hair. Thus, you must know which conditioner to buy when you next visit the supermarket.

For Oily, Greasy or Limp Hair

If your hair is oily, greasy or limp, a conditioner with moisturizing, hydrating and smoothing qualities will make things worse. Go for conditioners which are light, volumizing, and are good in strengthening. Conditioners with added protein is also great in removing excess oil. Apply a small amount and keep it away from the scalp as much as possible. The minimum time devoted to rinse your hair should be at least 30 seconds.

For Dry, Damaged or Brittle Hair

If your hair is dry, dull or damaged, do not go for a conditioner with volumizing, fortifying and strengthening qualities. If your hair is a little dry, go for conditioners which promote smoothing, hydration and moisture. If hair is very dry and the damage is extreme, look for a conditioner which promotes frizz control and damage repair.

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