Hot Makeup Trends For Spring-Summer 2014

Makeup trend of the season is completely caught in awe with the overwhelming Spring flora. After the heavy grunge and dark colors of Winters, it’s finally Spring, with the flowers at bloom and the warm and welcoming sun. It’s perfect time for some serious splash of bright colors.

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The Top Makeup Must-Haves for Spring-Summer:

Sheer Plum Crush

With the rising heat and grime, we totally love makeup that’s light on the skin. This season we will see a dash of the last season plums and berries. Try out the seasons plum lip-n-cheek stains and relish the yummy washed look all day. You could also dot the darkest Plum, still remaining in your vanity, right in the center of your pout. Blend it out-wards with your finger tips. For added effect,  swipe some gloss.

P.S. Berries show up even the slightest discolorations and blemishes. Opt for  a clean face, with a tinted moisturizer for the day or a full coverage non-comedogenic foundation for the evenings, to keep your pores breathing. Plus, this prevents acne too.

Sweet Tang

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How we love a cool glass for orange juice, on a hot summer day.  A hint of that tang in your makeup is so deliciously fresh. Oranges are a big hit this season and so are its various shades. Choose your ones wisely to suit your complexion and undertone. You can choose the juicy tint for you puckers, lids or even cheeks, but keep in mind not to over do it.  Remember, we don’t want to look anything like the citrus fruit itself.

Pearly Angel Peepers

Cover the entire lid with pearly whites, peaches or metallic hints for the day, and for the right finesse, line you eyes  lids with a thin stroke of a darker liner. For a softer look, use pencil liners or a darker shadow in browns. To make it more vibrant for the spring evenings, draw a sharp cat-eye or wing it with a black liquid or gel liner. Experiment with a double lined look, pairing contrasting colors.


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Luminous Cover

We want to look fresh and dewy and not like a melting ice cream, so lets keep the foundation light and natural. If you got a dry skin, look for a makeup base in liquids. For the oily and sensitive skin, go for the mineral bases in liquid-to-powder or pressed powder forms. For heavy coverage, build up gradually and stop where you feel right. Don’t over load! Try out the matte coverages this season to shun the grease and stick to makeup that doesn’t clog your pores, to check breakouts.

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