Spring-Summer 2014: Shoes to Die For

Wild Shoe Styles of Spring Fashion. Plain flats are so out for now! This year we will see a whole new dramatic avatar of Platforms, Sling backs, Oxfords, Moccasins, Gladiators, etc. Colors are solid this season in extremes of neon brights or the old school blacks-n-whites, tans, nudes, or even patterns, graphics, hard contrasts.

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The shapes are crazy, fun yet super bold. The statement of the season are the punk shoes in solid tones. The style motto of the season is to let go of all fears and splurge in this awkwardness of fun footwear carnival.

Must-Have Shoes for Spring-Summer:

Bold Contrasts

Shocking contrast color will turn heads everywhere and the effects will surely dazzle your eyes. Neons, Solid pastels, even color blocking candy hues are just too cute. The style gurus globally have  introduced these heavy wedges and block heels in hot reds, fuchsias, corals and neons, with over-sized Lady Gaga bows and embellishments. The shoes are lined with thick a dark border or outline work. Love them or hate them they are here to rock the show.

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Thick Heels

The heels this season are much inspired by the out of space costumes and are  chunky, thick and heavy. In short we can’t recommend them for the weak heart-ed. Screaming out loud, these shoes are loaded with attitude, very rock-chic edgy, crafty and very punkish. There are also these sharp and unreal towering heels, designed for those who like it dainty and dangerous.  The added back-slings will guarantee an extra cozy trot round the town.

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The booties and gladiators are chic, with cut-out works, broad straps, buckles and zippers, glitters, spikes, over sized gem stones and jewel art works, phew! We will witness tonnes of them now on the ramps and maybe also on the roads. These will inject glamor and drama to these basic foot-wears.


Mesh designs, graphical paintings or the digital arty shoes are selling hot. They speak the language of art, much capable to do riot to your most drab clothes. This ground breaking trend will make it sure that you have some fun, be it at work or play.

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Base Classics

Classics of black and white are here to stay in a very pronounced form. Even the Oxfords are playful with metallics or classy mono-toners. The comfy moccasins will be seen in vibrant colors, that are very different from the earlier safer hues. Try out the ones with animal prints, for added effect.

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Metallic Sheen

Call it an  over-dose of sci fi inspirations or the super-nova crush, the metals are lustrous and all blingy. Single  or multiple metallic shades, we are digging this look big time. Even the patents and hides give off the metallic sheen in golds, silvers, etc.

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