How to Maintain and Care for a Wool Mattress Topper?

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Did you know that you can utilize wool mattress topper throughout the year? You don’t have to replace it with another mattress topper after the cold season.
Due to its natural moisture absorbent and temperature regulation abilities, a wool mattress topper can keep you cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather. With increased air circulation, this topper reduces the need for air conditioning and keeps the body comfortable during the night.

However, there is no denying to the fact that a wool mattress topper needs extra care when it comes to maintaining and cleaning it. You can’t wash it as wool becomes extremely heavy when immersed in water and you can risk shrinking your topper. Hence, to avoid any hassle or risk of damaging your mattress topper, we have prepared a list of tips that you can follow to clean your wool mattress topper. Read more to know what are the dos and don’ts of maintaining a wool topper.

Tips to Maintain Your Wool Mattress Topper

Flip and Rotate

Over time, a wool mattress topper can suffer wear and tear. To avoid that from happening, rotate the mattress whenever you change sheets. Further, flip it at least 2-3 times in one year.
When we sleep, our body releases moisture and sweat, which gets trapped in the mattress topper. If you don’t flip or rotate the wool mattress topper for longer durations, the moisture starts to set in. This leads to 10-15% compression of the topper after just a few months of use. Wool, especially is highly absorbent, which makes the situation even worse.
Flipping mattress topper regularly ensures the release of the moisture and rotating it ensures prevention of dips in the topper.

Air Out

Did you know that airing out the mattress topper in the sun can disinfect it?
Airing out the wool mattress topper can release the moisture and reduce the odor that can settle in due to regular precipitation.

Simply put out your mattress on a sunny day, let the hot breeze flow through the fibers of a wool mattress topper, and bring it back in the night time. However, sometimes, it may not be possible to take the mattress topper outside due to heavyweight. For this, you can open the curtains and windows to let the fresh air pass through the fibers of the topper. This will naturally dry the mattress.

If both the options are not available, utilize an upholstery vacuum cleaner to remove dust, dirt, and moisture from your mattress topper.

Spot Clean

Liquid stains are hard to clean when you let a lot of time pass by. Hence, address to the spills and spots immediately to keep your mattress free from ugly, unhygienic spots, stains, and spills.
Whenever you spill liquid on the mattress topper, start by cleaning it with a dry cloth. Just press a dry towel over the mattress topper to absorb the maximum amount of liquid. Then, dampen a fresh cloth in cold water and press it over the stain. Don’t rub the cloth or move your hand too much! You can move the fibers and create dips in your topper.

If the stain is still present, utilize mild soap or 3 parts of freshwater with 1 part of vinegar to clean the area. Dip a dry cloth in this solution, gently press it on the spill, and let it set in for about 10 minutes. Then, use a fresh, dry-wet-dry cloth to remove soap and excess moisture.

You can later use rubbing alcohol to disinfect the mattress topper.

Additionally, avoid using hot water as it can further harden protein stains rather than removing it.

Breathe Out

Every mattress topper, as well as the mattress, requires breathing space. The moisture that escapes your skin during sleep and the dust/dirt in the air can easily settle on the mattress topper if you don’t give it breathing space. Hence, every week, leave the bedding unmade for a few hours to allow breathing space to the topper. In fact, you can remove the topper and keep it separately to allow both the topper and mattress air out.

What You Should Not Do While Cleaning Your Wool Mattress Topper?

Don’t Machine Wash

Machine washing the wool mattress is a huge hassle. This is because wool has too many air pockets that get filled with water once you immerse it in liquid. This action makes the wool extremely heavy which makes the handling tough. Further, the wool fibers can be ruined with hard detergent or constant flipping and rotating in the machine.

You need to be careful if you decide to machine wash your mattress topper at home. Many machines now have separate modes for wool cleaning. However, read the operating manual before washing your mattress topper.

Don’t Beat

Beating the mattress or topper can clean out dust and dirt from the fibers but wool fibers are different. This action can instead create huge spaces in the fibers which can lead to bumps and dips in your mattress.

Don’t Steam

Similar to washing, don’t steam your wool mattress topper as the moisture can set in. Plus, you don’t really need it because wool toppers have natural disinfectant quality.

Don’t Dry Clean

Dry cleaning of the wool mattress topper is also frowned upon because it can leave harsh chemicals in your mattress topper. These chemicals such as fragrances are harmful to your pets and children. If you still want to dry clean your mattress, select a cleaner that uses natural products only.


A wool mattress topper adds extra comfort and layer of protection to your mattress. However, this comfort would soon fade away if the topper is not properly maintained and cleaned. Utilize the above methods to keep your mattress topper fresh, free from dust, and moisture-free.

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