Monitor and Maintain Health with New Electronic Wonders

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We have slipped our feet into god’s shoes at the very moment we invented machines. It was something we created, something under our control. Both our past and present has been depended on machines and now we’ve set our minds to build a glorious future for ourselves with their help. New devices born of brilliant ideas found their place in our lives and helped us in our daily life, business etc. But still the over bearing shadow of some shortcomings, try to pale these bright aspects of machines.

 What you don’t believe it? Well, then let’s cut to the chase.  It’s already been proven that excessive use of machines makes us unhealthy, and unfortunately we are compelled by our fast evolving society to take the help of devices at every step in our life. Give it a thought, and you’ll find yourself dug in like a tick to devices every day, all day. We are so eager to make our lives more hospitable with the help of our precious devices that, we forget the golden rule that is, to lead a good life one needs a healthy body. But thanks to god that tech entrepreneurs haven’t missed it like us; otherwise I couldn’t even imagine how dread full our lives would become.

 In this month’s CES in Las Vegas, brilliant minds of our society came to us bearing gifts of health. They offered us various kinds of watches, armbands, key fobs, and other gadgets designed and dedicated to track our daily activity, sleep, and other habits as well. We all have envied those people who are maintaining a good diet and managing time for work out. But now, these devices are giving us a fair chance to change all that at once. These devices mainly record everything you do during the day and create a chart of your daily calorie loss and let you know how you are doing with your fitness goals.

 Now let’s look at few of these hi-tech devices closely.

  • FitBit Ultra- This device does more than just, recording what you do while exercising. It’s a pedometer that tracks the steps you take, the stairs you climb and the calories you burn in the course of your day. All you need to do is to clip it to your clothes or just put it in your pocket and you are all set to measure your health on the go. It costs $99.95 and you could get it from popular sites like or

Image Courtesy – Engadget

  • Digital Motivator Striiv- We make up our mind to follow a diet chart with lots of energy and dedication more than 100 times in a year, but we lose our motivation pretty soon. That’s why ‘Striiv’. This device acts as a personal motivator for us. It gives us points and trophies to achieve our goals. It presents tiresome exercises in a playful manner and we unknowingly end up exercising more and more. This unique device can be ours only for $99.00.
  • Gear4 Renew Sleep Clock- Sleeping has a big part in getting a good health. So, Gear4 has created this new device to monitor how deep you sleep. It’s monitoring is based on your movement and breathing. You don’t even need to wear it. Just put in beside your bed and it will monitor your sleep using sophisticated algorithms. You can view your information of your sleep through your Iphone or other smart phone. It provides sleep charts, so that you could figure out if you have a problem and how to solve it. You can get this great device by spending only $199.99.

So you see staying in shape is easier now. Our addiction to machines led us to ditch our health for long. But now we have got a great opportunity to restore our health with the help of our own addiction. Isn’t it great!

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