Some Baby Accessories That You Cannot Do Without

There is nothing more confounding than shopping for the little one who is going to occupy the most important place in your life. When going to buy baby accessories, you might end up buying a lot of stuffs which might not be necessary for your baby at a later stage. So before going on a shopping spree for your baby, spend some time to make a list of the baby accessories which will be essential. Listed below are some of the items that you must own for your baby:

Clothes :

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The thing that must top the shopping list for your baby will the clothes. Baby clothes must be made of soft and comfortable fabric without any tags or seam that might irritate the baby. Also keep in mind that you have to change the baby’s clothes several times, so go for the type of clothes that is easy to open and remove. Another thing to keep in mind is that new born babies grow awfully fast so buy bigger clothes for the baby unless you want to buy new clothes for him every week. But you might also like to keep some new born sized clothes near your hands, as your baby will more at ease in them and also because they are so cute.

So you must procure:

  • 1-3 caps
  • 1 jacket
  • 4-7 cotton shirts

Snowsuits for the baby in winter

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  • 4-7 nightgowns
  • 4-7 pairs of socks
  • 4-7 one piece dresses


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Diapers is an essential baby item, given that for the first few weeks the time you will spend with your baby, you will remain occupied to change diapers. So decide the type of the diaper you want to buy and keep a good stock of these item, as you have to change diapers at least 10-12 times a day. If you want to go for the disposable variety, then you will do good to begin with three large packs that will give you around 150. Though it sounds like a big amount, but changing diapers 10 times a day ensures that we are talking about a stock for only 15 days. The same goes for cloth diapers of which you will need six to ten packs. For cloth diaper, you will also require a diaper pail, diaper covers and rubber pants.

Carrying your baby:

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For carrying your baby around, the best thing is a front pack or sling. Little babies just love to be held close. Nothing soothes them more than your body warmth and the thumping of your heart. Besides, front slings will keep your hands free, allowing you to use it for other purposes.

A stroller is another essential thing for carrying your baby around. The stroller should be a reclining one, as it is not good for the babies who are less than 3months old, to remain propped up for a long time. As the new born babies spent most of the time sleeping, so it will be better to purchase a full-reclining stroller. Make sure that the straps are easily adjustable.

Bibs for mealtimes:

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You better have at least 4 bibs. They keep your child’s cloth neat and clean by keeping the spit-ups and drools from their mouth away. Even though you have decided to breastfeed your baby all the time, having some feeding bottles and nipples near your hand will be a wise choice.

Crib for sleeping :

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You must give serious consideration to the sleeping arrangement of your baby and hence, crib is a must-have thing. For the first few weeks, you can keep your baby with yourself, but as your child starts to grow up, it is better to provide a crib for them. You will also require some sheets, mattress and blankets.

Bathing tub:

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Bathing tub is another essential item for you, so buy a plastic bathing tub. They are very good to hold a wriggling baby during the time of bath.

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