Things To Buy Before Packing For A Move To A New House


The preparation of moving to a new house often turns out to be a time full of hassle. Why does this happen? Sadly, this is only because of our lack of organizational skills. We often forget to place the right things at the right places or even worse, completely forget to take them along with us. However, the main reason behind this disorganized time is the lack of proper tools that play a very efficient role during the packing process.

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What are the “tools” that are being talked about? Let us look at them and know how can turn out to be useful:

#1. Corrugated Boxes: The corrugated boxes, also known as ‘moving boxes’, are the most important tools during the packing process. These boxes are available in a variety of sizes. Moreover, they are also available in different types suited to specific items. The corrugated boxes are sturdy enough to keep the items inside safe from getting severe damages. It will be a smart move if you buy these boxes considering the type of move you are planning.

#2. Packing Tapes: Once you are done packing things inside the boxes, the next step should be securing the mouths so that the items do not come out. This is where packing tapes will come in handy. These tapes are specially manufactured to support packing. They are very strong, and it’s real unlikely that these tapes will get peeled off with ease.

#3. Wrapping Papers/Bubble Wraps: I know that you were planning to wrap the items in newspapers before putting them inside the boxes. There is nothing wrong in considering though; most of us think in the same line. However, there is a little risk of wrapping items in newspapers as the transferred ink can stain your possessions. This is why you should go wrapping papers or bubble wraps.

#4. Pens & Markers: if you are looking for a specific item during the unpacking process, it will become extremely tedious if you don’t know inside which box it is exactly located. This is why you should always mark a box with markers and stick a label on it. You should write the names of all the belongings on the label, so that you don’t get confused later.


Buy these 4 tools and keep them ready before the packing starts! I can guarantee that the process will be a lot smoother with them aiding you.

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