Things To Consider While Buying Faucets Online

Bathroom Faucet

Faucets in a bathroom can increase its style statement by ten-fold. In short, they are the “crown jewel” – with innumerable number of shapes, sizes and finishes that have the power to present a world of huge possibility. They are available on online shopping websites, and are easy to order and purchase. However, you need to keep a few things in mind before buying them online; one of them is the different type of faucet.

Bathroom Faucet

Let’s have a look at the various kinds (and the most popular) of bathroom faucets:

#1. Single-hole Faucet: This faucet is best suited for smaller sinks. This faucet has a single lever, and together with the spout forms one single unit. And of course, it requires only one drilled sink hole. If you want to dazzle up the look, you can also go for these faucets which come with a bottom plate covering with three-hole openings.

#2. Center-set Faucet: Ideal for most bathroom sinks, it goes well with the standard three-hole sinks. Mainly, this faucet comes with either a single lever or two handles mounted on a 6-inch plate.

#3.Widespread Mount: This faucet, the biggest of all, comes with 3 separate parts – the spout and two handles. Normally, 8 inches is the standard gap between the handles. There are also the smaller versions known as the “mini-spreads”, and they are used for the holes which are drilled 4 inches apart.

#4. Wall-mount Faucet: This faucet is commonly seen used with a sink that is vessel-type or freestanding. As a result, the spout is longer than usual to make sure that it extends well over the top of the bowl.

When you are buying faucets online, the first thing to consider is the right type of faucet which will ideally fit your sink. Faucets are good no doubt, but something mismatching can never be that great. Next is the manufacturer. You have to pick the best faucet manufacturers. Ask your friends and colleagues to give you suggestions if you are in doubt. And last but not the least, make sure that the payment options on the e-commerce website is safe and secure. You do not want to lose your transaction details, right? Once again, take suggestions from near ones – ask them the name of the websites they prefer.



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