Things To Keep In Mind When You Want To Buy A Treadmill

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Having a treadmill in your own home will help you not only to exercise on a daily basis, but maintain your health by obliterating any hazards that might arise from your lethargy for visiting the gym every day. Here are some things to keep in mind if you want the best bargain.


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Ensure that you get the best deal for the price you are willing to invest. There are generally three different price groups- those ranging from 500 to 1500 dollars, followed by those machines priced between 1500 to 3000, and finally those that are above the 3000 dollar price tag. Discounts and sales are also available at certain times of the year.

The Horsepower and Motor

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The maximum load of the machine is borne by the motor. Horsepower ratings might be confusing. Ensure that the horsepower ranges between 1.5 to 2.5, and check the ‘continuous-duty rate’. The rating of ‘peak duty’ is not so valuable either. Also, check that the warranty period is at least a minimum of one year.

Smooth Ride and Stability

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It is best to test the comfort level of the treadmill by walking on it in your workout clothes and shoes. It should be sturdy, the rods should at comfortable arm’s length, and the band must be long enough for you to run and stride comfortably.

Workout Features

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Choose a treadmill that has programmable and pre-set workouts for different inclinations and models. Pulse monitors, water bottle holders, book shelves and audio and video plug-ins on the treadmill will help to make your workout less arduous.

Space and Noise

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Always measure the space available in your home before buying the treadmill as the wrong size might give a dis-oriented look to your entire room. A compact treadmill in the showroom may look gigantic in your house. Also, check on the noise levels produced by the machine, because if the machine produces a loud clamoring noise, then it might hamper other activities like watching television, or listening to music.

Having the correct treadmill is important for maintaining your exercise regimen and health. Therefore, it is best to spend time researching, before you come to a decision.

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