Things to Keep in Mind while Buying a Second-hand Xbox 360

There is hardly any game-lover who does not dream of owning an Xbox 360. With a 3.2 GHz PowerPC Tri-Core Xenon PC, 512 MB of GDDR3 RAM clocked at 700 MHz memory, and 500 MHz ATI Xenos graphics, it is enough to keep someone awake day and night. And here comes an honest confession: I am no different. With my latest buy, I am really finding it difficult to take my mind off it.

If you are a little short on money but desperate to experience the magic, you always have the option of buying a second-hand Xbox 360. However, you must be really careful. An Xbox 360 is one of the most expensive video gaming consoles. Therefore, something must obviously be fishy if you are getting to buy it from someone at a very cheap rate. In such a case, what are the most common glitches possible?

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#1. Hard Drive is not Included
It is often found that the Xbox 360 in sale does not have a hard drive. The owner has already taken it out of the console. If the hard drive is missing, you will not be able to play online games. This means you have to let go of Battlefield and Call of Duty multi-player modes (if you can).

#2. The Red Ring of Death
There are four quadrants situated surrounding the main ‘Power’ button. Their color is green when the system is in perfect working order. There are different red ring meanings based on the number of quadrants going red. If you see that the color of any of the quadrant has turned red, calamity has struck – there is something seriously wrong.

#3. Disk Drive does not read Disks
One of the most common problems with a second-hand Xbox 360 is that it has stopped reading disks. However, opening the console and cleaning the inside (especially the laser) with a dry cloth solves the issue in most cases.

#4. Disk Drive scratches Disks
If a disk slips or moves in the disk tray, there are high chances that it will get scratched and become unreadable. There is a Disk-replacement Programme of Microsoft, but how many times will be asking them to replace the disks of your favorite games?

Therefore, it is necessary that you switch on a second-hand Xbox 360 and test every minute detail before buying it. After all, why should you compromise while selecting your would-be best friend?

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