Make your kid’s birthday a grand and successful event

My son’s 5th birthday is round the corner. I want to make it really grand and successful, so that people remember it for next many years. Since I have no clue to go about it, I consulted many professional birthday party organizers. They suggested me a few important tips in order to make the party grand and memorable. Believe it or not, following these tips really enabled to organize the party successfully and make it an impressive affair. Here I would like to share some of those tips with my readers, so that they can also organize their children’s birthday party successfully.

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Tip 1# Compile a budget: John (my professional birthday party organizer, in case you wonder) has suggested me to compile a budget first, before proceeding to any other step. He has further enlightened me with the fact that compiling a budget plan can enable people to determine the amount he/she can afford to spend on the party. This also helps them select the venue, choose the theme, select the food menu and others. Hence, I have jotted down all the costs necessarily involved in order to find out the total amount that I will have to spend.

Tips 2# Select the venue: As far as the venue is concerned, John has suggested me to choose one that is placed at a convenient location, so that visitors can easily commute to the venue. He has also provided me with an idea of venues where I can host my son’s birthday party.
Bounce houses
Pizza parlors
Ice-skating rinks
Video game arcades
Amusement parks
Public gardens
Church recreation halls.

Among this list of ideas, I have chosen a pizza parlor for conducting the birthday party of my son. That is because children love pizzas and will be excited to get a large variety of mouthwatering pizzas at the pizza parlor.

Tip 3# Choose a theme: Since I wish to organize a theme-based birthday party for my son, John has provided me with a list of birthday parties themes for kids –
Pirate party
Sweet treats
Candy party
Cowboy party
Golf party
Pull out the prep.

Tip 4# Select the food menu: While keeping a note of the health of the kids (invitees), I have chosen some healthy yet lavish spread for kids. I have decided to arrange for hot dog heaven, grated ham sandwich, butter soft rolls, cheese and vegemite scrolls. While sweets and candies are generally featured among the things that kids love to munch upon, I have decided to keep an arrangement for mars bar slice, cake pops, chocolate cupcakes, easy chocolate brownies, love heart cookies and many others.

Tip 5# Return gifts: To make the event a little more memorable and enjoyable, I have decided to delight the little ones (invitees) with attracting return gifts. I have thought to arrange for some crayons, nanoblocks, favorite munchies, homemade chocolates and many others.
These are some of the important things that john has suggested me to do in order to make my son’s 5th birthday a grand event. I hope these tips will help you as well in arranging your kid’s birthday parties.

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