Top 10 Tips for Successful Thrift Store Shopping

Thrift stores can be spotted in every big city. In most cases, they are nested in the busiest corners of the city. Thrift stores are often homes to some very inexpensive and yet very useful pieces. However, most of us are not quite aware of the joy of shopping in a thrift store. We are still caught in the idea that the thrift stores are dirty shops, piled with useless junk. Often, some even fear of being cheated of paying a higher price for the goods, that the product are not actually worth. But, what we miss out are the amazingly low price we can hit there, with a little bargain. To be honest,  even my experience hasn’t been very fructifying initially. But, with practice I have realized shopping at thrift stores is truly a pleasurable adventure, justly compared to a treasure hunt.


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Tips to Make Your Thrift Store Shopping a Total Success

1. Make a plan before hand
Before you reach the store make a plan. Know what you really need. It can get very confusing if you don’t exactly know your needs, as the different stores have different ordering techniques. It can get very difficult to spot your requirements.

2. Keep your minds open
Look out for attractive deals. It’s hit-or-miss with thrift stores. Sometimes you really hit the jackpot when you find something that might serve better, than what you planned for. You need to make sure what you find is actually something you need– otherwise, you’re just piling on junk, and you’re not saving money.

3. Look for quality
You’d be surprised by the amount of well-made, expensive clothing is hiding in thrift shops, just waiting to be found. You have to dig for it, but it’s there.

4. But also try new brands
Keep in mind, however, that there might be some quality pieces in brands you’ve never heard of, or the tags are completely missing. Check for holes, stains, missing buttons, and loose seams, and pass on something if it looks pretty worn or stretched out. Some branded items have defects, that are even invisible to our eyes. These goodies are available at thrift store, at shockingly low rates.

5. Try out the clothes, before you buy them
Always try things on. If it doesn’t fit well, then it’s a needless purchase and will only clutter your closet. And different brands size things differently, so you can’t assume anything by the number on the tag.


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6. Try not to bring your kids along
If you’re armed with a detailed list, it can be hard to get much accomplished at a thrift store when you have little ones to watch.

7. Ask for the sale dates
Stores have similar days, so call and ask for their regular sale schedule. A $4 pair of shoes is cheap, but when they’re $2 – even better!

8. Ask for help if you can’t find something you need
If you’re in the market for a very specific item, and you’ve been returning to the store for several weeks in search of it,it wouldn’t hurt to ask an employee to keep their eye out for it.

9. Look for multipurpose goods
When shopping at a thrift store, be a little more creative. Sometimes a single thing can have multiple uses.

10. Shop for the future
If  have ample of storage space, stock-up on things you are sure you will have requirement for in the near future.

A stores’ inventory changes constantly, so you might strike gold one week, and come up with nothing the next. Make thrift store shopping part of your regular home management routine.
Finally, leave your debit cards at home. When you have got only cash, you’ll be more selective with your purchases, as the amount you can carry is limited. This will even make you a rational buyer. When you go way over, then you’re buying more than you need – emptying your wallet and filling your closets.  Your mission is quiet the reverse.

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