Celebrity Handbags Which are in Trend

For most women, giving a gift appears as quite an exciting and challenging task. When you are able to think of a gift which you believe will just melt the heart of that person whom you are going to give it, it provides you immense pleasure. But the process of searching for that perfect gift often becomes quite challenging for you. There are some common options for gifts which are mostly preferred by women.

 Apart from pastries and certain other food items, the usual gifts chosen by women are elegant jewelleries, stylish clothes, trendy pair of shoes etc. But, there is a particular gift which is extremely fashionable and at the same time quite useful. It is the celebrity handbag or the designer handbag.

 The bags made by the top designers and used by the hottest celebrities are also known as the ‘it’ bags in the fashion world. Since there are various designer brands, choosing a particular celebrity bag can give you quite a headache. The various colours, styles and sizes in which they are available are truly irresistible. Whichever option you go for, provided below, are some of the best handbag options you must need to consider when you are thinking of gifting a celebrity handbag.


With the Soho Hobo bag in their collection, Gucci becomes an unavoidable option for you. It is one of the hottest celebrity handbags in the market. The colour is a vibrant shade of red and the shape is indeed unique. The “G” symbol too adds to the overall elegance of the bag.


The tote bags of this brand can certainly be a fabulous gift. The immense versatility in the shoulder strap, front zippers, top handles, and the elegant contour make these bags one of the most fashionable ones among all the celebrity bags.

Marc Jacobs

The Crossbody Pouchette designed by Marc Jacobs has got to be your ideal choice if you are looking for a handbag with a unique appeal. The interior of the bag having an alphabet soup-type enhances its irresistible look. The off-white leather combined with dark trims makes it all the more beautiful.


CC’s Classic Flap Bag having a gold chain should definitely have a place in your priority list when looking for celebrity handbags. The classy contrast of gold and black, the clasp which has been tucked fantastically between the well-known CC logo, and the quilted leather, combine superbly to create an excellent product. With these fantastic features, it is no surprise that it has become one of the most desired bags in the world of fashion.

The Quilted Leather Tote is another stunning bag from CC. It has a small flap. This bag has a sophisticated looking golden chain. The handles are made of round shaped cowhide. These, along with the other charming features make it something which can surely be treated as a classy gift.

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