Choosing the Right Equestrian Apparel is the key to Successful and Safe Riding

Proper training and practice is necessary to become a successful horse rider. Apart from training and techniques, equestrian apparel also plays a key role in making the ride safer and easier. Therefore, choosing the right clothing and equipment for horse riding is important as well.

Horse riding is been a popularly enjoyed sports today as it has been always since the ancient times. Skill and expertise are a matter of rigorous training and practice in these thrilling and fascinating sports. But there is one more thing that is highly important for the rider and that is equestrian apparel. Equestrian apparels and accessories not only ensure rider’s safety but also make riding easy and comfortable.

It is highly important that you wear the right kind of clothing for horse riding. However, depending on the school of horse riding style, size and length of apparels and accessories may vary slightly.

Here is a list of equestrian apparels and accessories that you need to have in your possession before you start your training in horse riding.

Riding Jackets and shirts: There are mainly two schools of horse riding – Western and English school of riding. You need to choose the design of your jackets and shirts appropriate for the school of riding you belong. From western show shirts with bling to traditional English shirt with wrap collar these apparels are made of technologically advanced breathable fabrics that keeps you dry and cool during the performance. You can also choose from riding jackets, hoodies and other weatherproof gear to help you continue riding when weather is not so favorable.

Pants and Breeches: When it comes to pants and breeches jeans is the comfortable choice of western riders while English Riders prefer Jodhpur breeches. Jeans are comfortable and durable while jodhpur breeches look stylish. Horse riding pants are made of high quality cotton and cut and designed to fit on your body. English breeches designed specially to prevent the rider slip from leather saddles have narrow fit from below the knee to allow riding boots fit over it. Traditionally breeches are worn at mid waist but low-rise pants and breeches for riding are also available now.

Horse Riding Boots: Riding boots are important accessories as they are required for safety and comfort. There are different types of horse riding boots including paddock boots, field boots and endurance riding boots. Riding boots have pronounced heel that prevents your foot slip through the stirrup and cause accident.

Field boots are of traditional style. It ends right below the knee. Made of leather filed boots are often teamed with chaps or half-chaps for English show. Paddock boots are shorter in length up to ankle. They can be made of leather as well as synthetic material. Made of fabric Endurance riding boots are the most contemporary ones which resemble regular street shoes.

Riding helmet: Horse riding is a game of pace and it also involves height as you mount a full grown horse. Therefore, jockey helmets are needed to prevent serious injuries in case the rider accidentally falls from the back of horse.

Chaps: Chaps are worn to ensure better grip while you ride so that your legs don’t slip due to sweat of the animal. Therefore proper fitting of the gear is important otherwise it can be dangerous for the rider. Full chaps stretch from the waist down to the ankles while half-chaps are of knee-height. Half-chaps are mainly worn during training and lessons.

In addition to choosing the right kind of equestrian apparel for yourself you need to pick some equestrian equipment for your horse.

Horse saddle: Riding bareback without saddles is something you should not do. Saddles not only helps the rider maintain balance on the horse back it also evens the pressure on the animal and prevents its skin get rubbed against the saddle.

Bits and Birdles: Bits are birdles are required to control the horse while riding. Bridle is a headgear that consists of leather or nylon headstall to which reins are attached. Bits are usually made of metals like copper or steel.

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