Four Must Have Styles in Watches Girls Got to Own

Chunky or sleek. Check. Analog or digital. Check. Strappy leather or jewel studded. Check. Boy! You have an ocean to choose from if it’s a wrist watch you’re looking for. What I like best about a woman’s wrist watch is that they serve every purpose. They can dazzle your arms for the evening party and make everyone envious or just do what is required for the very important client meeting you’ve scheduled. Wrist watches simply rock! And when you choose them carefully, you need no other accessory to deck you up. Imagine a frilly white shirt, a pair of denim and what magic an elegant white watch with metallic silvery finish would do to your outfit! Slurrp!! well, wrist watches do spread a wide vista to imagine.

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Bigger dials for the chunkier look– Analog, quartz or digital- large dials complement your slender wrists really well. Encrusted in gold or any metallic finish for that matter, watches with large dials immediately jazz up your look. A classy, large analog dial does perfect justice to any traditional attire. The best thing about large dials is that you can suit them for anything, simple casual day wear or a pretty party wear. Choose the color, design and style according to your attire but let me tell you, your wardrobe deserves a pretty chunky one with large dial no matter which fashion category you choose to stick to.

Slim and sexy! That’s the mantra for smart young corporates who like it the minimal way. Less is the new more for these supremely chic things that adorn your wrist perfectly. They are delicate and symbolize elegance and acute craftsmanship. And when you have a lot on your plate nothing can get better than a simple watch ticking you right on track.

Funky fun! For those not caught in the drab world of brown, Grey or black leathers try some colors! How about hot pinks and shocking reds and electric blues and lime greens and neon oranges? Sounds fun? Well, that’s the crazy current trend in watches. Huge dials with fat, colored straps are enough to complete the casual look. So next time you’re wondering what to team with denim shorts and white tee, as I said before, ‘try some colors’.

The classy one – The rich, elegant one without which your collection is rendered incomplete. It can be simple glossy finish in any metal with gold or silver tinge or the classic diamond studded one which looks more like a beautiful, dressy bangle. And here you go, this particular design is used more like a chunky bracelet and the time factor comes as a surplus. Revel guys!

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