Heavy Metal Fashion Origins

Heavy metal fashion is a style of dressing, body modification, hairstyle, make-up etc preferred by fans of heavy metals, often called headbangers or metalheads. Heavy metal fashion origins can be found in the rocker, biker and leather subcultures. Some of the common elements of heavy metal fashion include leather jackets, black or blue skinny fit jeans, hi-top basketball shoes, camouflage shirts, pants, shorts or jackets, and kutte vests or denim jackets ornamented with pins, badges and patches.

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Impact of the Judas Priest Band and others
The variety in heavy metal fashion is the result of various music bands, but the rock and roll band that is responsible for revolutionizing the look was Judas Priest, mainly because of its singer Halford. Halford dressed up himself in a leather costume on the stage in the early 1978 while promoting the killing machine album. However, the singer credited the leather subculture as his inspiration for his look. Soon after promoting the leather dressing style, Halford began roaring on the stage on a motorbike which was later followed by other members of his band.

This particular dressing style became so popular that even other rock and roll bands imitated the dressing style. Singer Paul Di’anno from the Iron Maiden band started dressing on leather jackets and appealing studded bracelets. Following the trend, spandex was introduced by Motorhead after being innovated by saxon and bruce belts. The fashion was especially popular among followers of new Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) movement during the early 1980s, which sparked a trend for metal in that age.

Leather, Leather, Leather….
The amazing leather look had several variations including the wearing of combat boots, bracelets and studded belts, spiked gauntlets, bullet belts and lot more. The stylish clothing of heavy metal absorbed diverse elements from various influences other than the music influence. The linking of varying sub-styles of dressing and music influences modified various versions of heavy metal dressing. The choices were endless, and a little change in the dressing with respect to designs and add-ons gave a unique metal dressing look to the wearer.

Certain influences of the Vietnam War and military clothing can be seen in the dressing style of thrash metal bands and their fans in the early 1980s. The style was connected with punk metal. Other band celebrities that contributed to the growing popularity of military clothing in heavy metal fashion was ex lead singer Udo Dirkschneider of the Accept, the German heavy metal band. He wore military pants while performing, and was termed as the first heavy metal musician to wear military pants.

More than 10 years
Over a period of time, the heavy metal fashion was refined in many respects giving various styles and trendy clothing in heavy metal fashion. Coarse paint that gave the black and white make up, retro looks that featured bell bottom or boot cut jeans, Nu metal fashion that initiated cargo shorts or baggy pants and spiked hair etc are some of the modified versions of heavy metal fashion whose origins date back to early 70s to late 80s.

Currently, the choices and selection regarding heavy metal fashion are countless. As a result, finding stylish heavy metal clothing is never an issue no matter what.

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