Shopping Behavior of Man and Woman Differs and How

Unarguably, women and men think differently and the difference of thought process and perception has existed since the dawn of human civilization. In case of shopping, men and women do not only differ, but they are poles apart! Their knack for a certain type of shopping article, along their behavior has and will always vary. No doubts that women love to shop their heart out and men loath about the same. So, let us take a quick look on the shopping behavior of men and women.

Shopping Behavior of Men

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Firstly, men are pretty allergic to walk in to a shopping mall in a gang or a retail store to buy something for themselves or others! Even if they have to, they generally stroll into the store alone. Neither do they care about the sale items not do they spend time on price comparisons. Men stay off from bargaining and take a look at one or two things and move on to the cash counter to pay the bill. Men do not have the habit of pondering about the color, size or fit of the dress and after the bill is raised, bunk it! One of the trademark habits that signify male shopping habit is that their choice mostly depends on the opinion of the sales persons. A research has shown that as many as 35% of men have been found to opt to for a dress or any other article that the sales persons suggest.

Shopping is a turbulent job for men which they wish to end in no time. This is unlike women who are very steady and take their own time before they select an item. So, here are the common shopping behaviors that redefine womanhood!


Shopping Behavior of Women

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Shopping for women is “Fun”. Well, it’s an inseparable part of their life and they treasure this habit! They are obsessed about moving into a mall with a troop and love checking out almost anything and everything! Given an option a lady can even spend an entire day shopping. Shopping does not call for any occasion, celebration or event; it’s a natural phenomenon that women embrace!

For buying anything, women get pretty specific and choosy. It seems they just cannot get things right. They tend to bewildered by a horde of beautiful articles in display and each one of those articles suddenly become the most coveted thing they’ve always aspired to own! And yeah, they care about colors, size, fit, material, durability, quality and everything in the book!

The advent of online shopping has been a blessing in disguise for the women. From skin care products to hair conditioners, tank tops to hunter shoes, e-commerce websites have brought everything right into the doorsteps of the consumers. As a result, a woman can now browse through every single item minutely than ever before, that too sitting at the comfort of her home. Now, they can go for a shopping spree, anytime, with a few click of the mouse.

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