4 Key Benefits of Using Flameless Food Heaters for Your Catering Business

Flameless Food Heater for Catering

It is possible for profits and sustainability to coexist, which is why businesses are increasingly focusing on making strategic decisions to ensure that corporate policies bring about eco-friendly results. This also enables them to maintain a competitive advantage over rival firms in terms of sustainability goals.

Corporate bodies, community organizations, the government, and the public are all prioritizing environmental sustainability. Therefore, it has now become essential for almost all businesses to adopt more sustainable practices and reduce the carbon imprint on the environment.

All kinds of businesses, including catering businesses can incorporate sustainable practices into their business practices and policies. One of the best ways to adopt sustainability is to replace the sterno kits with flameless food heaters, that use neither fire, water, nor electricity to keep the food warm and tasty during parties.

Sterno Heaters: How They Harm our Environment and Health?

The problem with sterno heaters is that the chafing gel used to light the fire is extremely harmful for the environment and for our health. Firstly, the toxic fumes emitted from the open flames are very bad for our health. These fumes are not only inhaled by the servers and the guests present at the venue but they also seep into the food kept on the chafing dishes to be heated.

Moreover, you cannot dispose of sterno kits without polluting the environment. When you dispose of a sterno container, the remnants of the chafing fuel inside it seeps into the soil and poisons both the soil and the groundwater. Once the groundwater gets contaminated, it can harm the flora and fauna of the entire area, resulting in massive environmental pollution, loss of habitat, and loss of species.

Therefore, a little action on your part can start a chain reaction that will prevent the destruction of the planet. By using a flameless food heater, you can prevent the harm caused by sterno kits.

Using Electricity and Fire is a Problem

Electricity and fires are the main sources of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions all over the world. As a matter of fact, 28 percent of the GHGs are emitted from the usage of electrical heat, which is quite high compared to the 14 percent from agriculture, and 12 percent from forestry, manufacturing, and forestry, each. Therefore, reducing the amount of heat emitted can be the twist in the tale of global warming.

Flameless Heat: The Emerging Sustainable Catering Technology

With the emergence of the flameless heating technology, the number of available temporary heaters has now risen to three, namely, the conventional direct fired food heater, the indirect fired food heaters, and the new flameless food heater.

Let us know about the three kinds of food heaters in brief:

  • Direct-fired Heaters: These are fuels like the chafing gel that on lighting create an open flame to heat the chafing dish.
  • Indirect-fired heaters: These heaters were designed to counter the negative impact of direct fired heaters. Both the heaters – direct and indirect – are based on the traditional platform. However, the exhaust of the indirect heater is vented towards the outside air instead of the heated air.
  • Flameless Food Heater: This is the new kid on the block and uses neither water, fire, or electricity to produce adequate heat to keep the food on the chafing dish warm. This newly invented technology produces heat in the absence of fire or electricity.

Benefits of Using a Flameless Food Heater

1. Adverse Impact on the Environment:

As stated earlier, using chafing fuel results in soil, air, and water pollution. The toxic fumes emitted from burning the chafing gel are inhaled by the servers, guests, and also seep into the food and affect our health adversely.

The toxicity of the chafing gel also pollutes the soil and water when dumped after use and thereby harms the environment extensively. When tons of containers of chafing fuel are disposed of in the trash after the end of some large event, it has a severe impact on the environment.

Flameless food heaters use mostly air activated chemical mixtures used to produce an adequate amount of heat and keep the chafing dishes warm through oxidation. For the environment and also for our health, it is best to opt for these new food heaters.

2. Less Risk of Starting a Fire:

With an open flame, there is always the risk of starting a fire. Sterno buffet heaters use an open flame to keep the food warm and thus run the risk of starting a fire. It is extremely dangerous to work with an open flame as it puts the guests, the employees, and everyone else present at the venue at risk of a lethal accident. Flameless food heaters like the EcoHeat Warmers use neither fire, water, nor electricity to produce heat and thus are absolutely safe to be used at big or small events.

3. Can Be Set Up Quickly:

In case you are using sterno kits to serve warm food at events, the process of setting up the equipment is laborious, time-consuming, and costly. With flameless food heaters, this process is comparatively much easier as there is no need to light a flame, heat water, or use electricity to keep the chafing dish warm. Flameless food heaters like the EcoHeat system developed by Heat Factory USA cut down the set-up time to half and thus help you serve food to the guests quickly and easily.

4. Easy to Dispose Of:

Flameless food heaters use a technology that makes it easy to dispose of the air-activated warmers without polluting the environment. For example, EcoHeat warmers after use can be deposited in the soil as they act as compost and make the soil fertile. So, it is not only easy to dump the remnants of the warmers into the soil but it also helps the environment by making the soil more fertile.

In Conclusion:

Flameless food heaters have revolutionized the catering industry by not only cutting down the costs of operation but also being environmentally sustainable. As more and more caterers are adopting sustainable practices and policies, flameless technology is finding more supporters in the market.

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