Why Wool Mattress Topper is Safe for Your Child to Sleep On?

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Don’t we all want to give the best that there is to our children? Aren’t you over-cautious when choosing bedding items for your toddler, trying your level best to choose safe and child-friendly products from the market?

Thanks to the massive use of pesticide in almost everything that we use these days, a lot of organic and child-safe items have been introduced in the market to provide parents with a healthy alternative. With a wide range of organic and eco-friendly bedding items in the market, it is but natural for parents to feel overwhelmed as to which one to choose for their child. To prevent exposure to toxic chemicals and VOCs that are used in manufacturing conventional mattress, it has become necessary to use pillows, blankets, mattress toppers, sheets, and other sleeping products made from only organically-grown and environment-friendly materials. Since babies spend almost 10 to 14 hours in a day sleeping or lying down on a bed, using gentle, non-corrosive, and organic bedding is imperatives.

From both comfort and health perspective, a wool mattress topper is an essential bedding item for your toddler, which is placed on top of a mattress for the additional cushioning and coziness. It is particularly useful when the mattress is either extremely firm or worn. It helps make a comfortable sleeping surface that aids your toddler to sleep better.

Why is a Wool Mattress Topper for Your Child?

  • Improves the Quality of Your Child’s Sleep

Thanks to the inherent ability of wool to thermo-regulate, a mattress topper made from wool offers extreme comfort throughout the year regardless of what the season is. It actually helps keep your child warm during the cold months and cool in summers. This feature of natural wool helps prevent sleep disturbance and promotes healthy sleeping during the night. Whether it is warm or cold outside, toddlers and children can have an optimal body temperature all through the night when they sleep on woolen toppers and other woolen bedding. This unique characteristic of the organic wool mattress topper facilitates better REM sleep for your child.

  • Offers Extreme Comfort

A wool mattress topper will offer unparalleled coziness and comfort to your kid when they sleep compared to other traditional mattress toppers made of inorganic synthetic materials. Neither too soft not too firm, the organic wool mattress topper is an ideal sleeping surface for your child to sleep in.

In other words, wool toppers offer proper support to the essential pressure points in your child’s body, helping in proper spinal alignment and providing utmost relaxation to your child. Their distinctive characteristic of being able to mold to the shape of the body helps your child to sleep uninterruptedly.

  • Hypoallergenic and Safe

Organic wool mattress topper is naturally resistant to dust, mold, mildew, bug, and stain by nature. This is because of its ability to release moisture quickly, preventing the wet condition that mold and mildews thrive on.

Organic wool toppers also do not contain any toxic chemicals, bleach, and dyes and thus, rarely causes allergies in children or adults. What’s more, unlike conventional bedding items, the organic wool mattress topper won’t off-gas Volatile Chemical Compounds (VOCs) in your home environment. Therefore, woolen toppers are allergen-free and safe to use in your child’s bedroom.

  • Naturally Fire Resistant

As a material, wool is inherently resistant to flame and is self-extinguishing in nature. The fiber has a protective lanolin coating, which helps it to be naturally resistant to combustion. For its built-in fire-resistant feature, wool toppers do not require to be treated with toxic chemicals like other typical mattress toppers to withstand flames.

The fire-repelling chemicals have been associated with various kinds of diseases that are especially dangerous for toddlers and children due to their sensitive skin and developing immune system. Therefore, wool toppers do not cause any health hazards and are considered safe for your child to sleep on.

  • Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Wool fiber is harvested by shearing the coat of sheep, goat, rabbit, and alpaca, which are reared using organic practices. Therefore, the wool that is produced is completely organic, containing no chemicals. Even the shearing of wool is a completely eco-friendly and hazard-free process that does not harm the environment or the animal. It is renewable too as wool fiber is produced continuously within a few months of being sheared. As wool is 100 percent natural product, it is completely biodegradable too. Therefore, a wool mattress topper made from organic wool is environmentally-friendly and sustainable.

Concluding Note

It can, therefore, be said that an organic wool mattress topper is one of the most ideal and safest materials for your infant. Use it for your child’s bed and ensure that they sleep soundly in a comfortable and healthy environment.

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