A small piece of artwork can even make your beloved one feel special

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Last weekend was my wife’s birthday. We though to go out and celebrate in a grand way. My and I both love to eat out and enjoy watching movies. So, we thought to spend the day by watching a new released movie (Bless Me, Ultima, directed by Carl Franklin) followed by having a dinner in a newly launched Italian restaurant in Edmonton. However, unfortunately, we could do nothing of these because of my sudden professional commitments. I had to go out of town for two during my wife’s birthday. Still, I wanted to do something special for her just to her feel happy and delighted. I went to gift shops and chose some exclusive gifts for her. This was just a small contribution from my end to make her special day a little more special.

All these days I had been hearing my wife saying that buying a gift is such a difficult task. Today I experienced myself. I had to go through so many gift shops to choose some exclusive gifts for my beloved wife. Thankfully, I finally came across some very interesting and unique ones. I would like to share some of the gift ideas with you that I chose for my wife –

Photo frame: Shelly (my wife, in case you wonder) has a huge passion of collecting different types of photo frames. So, I thought this would be the best gift for her that could make really make her feel happy and delighted. I chose different designs of photo frames made out of different materials – such as polyserine photo frame, wood photo frames, cloth or padded photo frames, modern digital photo frame and many others. To make this gift idea a little more personalized, I also chose a personalized photo frame for her, with our lovely picture printed over it.

Art and/ or artwork: My wife (Shelly) is immensely passionate about decorating the home with small exclusive pieces of art and or/artwork. So, I chose some of the innovative artwork for her that would really make her feel special on the day. I chose a nice decorated lamp shade for our bedside table to make the room look more relaxing and cozy. I also chose beautiful paintings to gift her- such as portrait, landscape, abstract and many others. I also considered buying some colorful scented candles and small art pieces to gift her on the birthday.

Coffee mugs: Shelly is a coffee connoisseur and loves to collect different types of coffee mugs. So I thought to delight her on the birthday with an exclusive coffee mug. When looking for a unique coffee mug, I came across many different types and designs of coffee mugs such as skase coffee mug set, dunk mug with biscuit holder, self-stirring coffee mug, stacked coffee mug, global warming mug, ceramic wine mug, guzzini mugs and many others. I personally chose ceramic wine mug as it was looking more elegant and sophisticated than others.

Massage kit: This was one of the best gifts in Edmonton that i ever came across. The massage kit had three different tools to work out the cramps in sore muscles and feet. Thinking that this would be a great gift idea, I picked one massage kit for my wife.

These are some of the gifts I chose for my wife to make her feel happy and delighted on her birthday. You can also consider any one of these if you want make your special one a little more special.

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